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About AppHack

Welcome to the official page for the 18-hour long AppHack code festival held at Appalachian State University. AppHack is part of a shared effort to increase tech entrepreneurship, tech savviness, and code literacy worldwide. At AppHack, teams of students get involved in the software development process in whichever way that they can contribute. This process spans across design, development, and marketing disciplines. There are several products that have come from such events that are currently in use for everyday needs. In addition to being a highly productive environment, AppHack is loads of fun! There you will also find avid video gaming, free food all night long, and coffee-driven comraderie.

AppHack is hosted as a joint operation between the Women in Computer Science club (WICS), and the Appalachian Society for Computing, Informatics, and Innovation (ASCII). We hope to continue the fantastic legacy of AppHack, and strive to continually improve the AppHack experience for all.

This Year's Sponsors

AppHack would not be possible without its generous sponsors. Check them out!

Appalachian State University Libraries

Appalachian State University Libraries' mission is to assist those who pursue knowledge. Technological advances have enabled libraries to further this goal and increase access to information. As library information technology evolves, we continue to be at the forefront of these developments. We are excited to collaborate with AppHack 2019 and sponsor the following category: Improving Library Services.


ArborCoast helps organizations envision and create innovative products, solutions and business models. Areas of expertise include data communications, automation, open systems, disruptive innovation and business model evolution, all backed by broad technology background, strategic perspective and global collaboration experience.

Cabintech Global

Cabintech Global LLC is dedicated to the support of hobbyists, experimenters, and educations in the areas of digital and analog hardware, synthesizers, electronic music instruments, software, and systems design. We make experimenters modules and electronic components affordable for individuals and small production builders worldwide.


T-Metrics is a world-class provider of Premise-based, Hybrid and Cloud Multi-Channel Contact Centers / Operator Systems. Our ability to leverage the existing infrastructure within an organization to provide a robust system is one of the leading reasons for our success.

Unitas Global

Since 2011, Unitas Global has been providing enterprise businesses with cloud solutions tailored to specific company demands. We pride ourselves on transforming the enterprise’s consumption of cloud by providing the most innovative, secure, and easy to use solutions.

Participating Clubs

These are the clubs that plan and run AppHack!

Appalachian Society for Computing, Informatics, and Innovation

Appalachian Society for Computing, Informatics, and Innovation

ASCII is an organization dedicated to improving the community for Computer Science students, providing career opportunities, and educating students in diverse concepts across the CS field.

Women in Computer Science

The Women in Computer Science Club

The Women in Computer Science Club, or WICS, is an organization dedicated to supporting and encouraging women in technical majors, as well as providing opportunities outside the classroom and creating a strong, welcoming community.