Dr. Sarah's Tentative Calendar for MAT 1010112

The best way to contact me outside of class is during office hours or on the ASULearn Forum, as I usually check the posts daily, even on weekends.
  • Office Hours this week: M 1:20-3:50, T/H 1:45-3:15 and on the ASULearn Forums & Zoom Conferencing
  • Math Lab Students answer questions in 103A from 5-8pm Mon-Thur.
  • Syllabus and Grading Policies
  • Class highlights overview of what we covered, including clicker questions
  • Jump down to tomorrow's homework which is located above the red lines

    DUE Date
        Work is always due at the BEGINNING of class. Additional hw TBA.
    14 Dec - Thur 11-1:30
  • ****Research Presentations: Mathematical Breakthroughs**** during our assigned time. Mandatory to pass the class.
  • 28 Nov - Tues
  • ****Test 3****
  • 21 Nov - Tues
  • Create a Video
  • 16 Nov - Thur
  • ****Project 3: Critical Analysis of Recent Media **** [Choose 2 of 3 Projects]
  • 26 Oct - Thur
  • ****Test 2****
  • 10 Oct - Tues
  • ****Project 2: Benjamin Franklin's Financial Legacy **** [Choose 2 of 3 Projects]
  • 28 Sep - Thur
  • Read Heart of Mathematics p. 793-795. To turn in on ASULearn: practice lump sum
  • 26 Sep - Tues
  • (To turn in on paper) Real-life rates around you. If you didn't finish lab, that is also due.
  • 25 Sep - Mon
  • To turn in on ASULearn: practice percent, proportion, and growth
  • 21 Sep - Thur
  • ****Test 1**** study guide
  • __________ ________________________________________________________________________
    __________ ________________________________________________________________________
    19 Sep - Tues
  • Read the study guide for Test 1. Bring a laptop, tablet, phone, or similar, that you could connect to the internet.
  • Take a try of ASULearn Review Questions (I won't use the specific grade, but do ask for a good faith effort for participation)
  • 18 Sep - Mon
  • Shape of the Universe Readings and Video Take notes (which may take the form of informal handwritten notes, highlighting and/or underlining) in preparation for lab.
  • 14 Sep - Thur
  • To turn in on ASULearn: questions on themes review and Jeff Weeks interview
  • 12 Sep - Tues
  • To turn in on ASULearn: questions on Heart of Mathematics Section 4.6 (The Shape of Reality) and 4.7 (The Fourth Dimension). Finish the lab if you didn't already.
  • 11 Sep - Mon
  • 2D Universes Readings and Videos. Take notes (which may take the form of informal handwritten notes, highlighting and/or underlining) in preparation for lab.
  • 7 Sep - Thur
  • ****Project 1: Earth & Universe - Annotated Bibliography**** [Choose 2 of 3 Projects]
    Bring a 10-12 inch diameter child's ball - these are usually found in bins in stores and cost a couple of dollars. Be sure that this ball is smooth, can bounce, and that you will not mind writing on it during class.
  • 5 Sep - Tues
  • Continue working on project 1, review material, or begin working on homework for next week.
  • 31 Aug - Thur
  • To turn in on ASULearn: Choose a question on project 1 and begin looking for at least two different, if possible contradictory, perspectives [they may be scholarly and/or nonscholarly]
  • 29 Aug - Tues
  • Rent the hardcover Heart of Mathematics. Obtain a scientific calculator (with a yx, xy, or ^ key on it). Bring the calculator to all classes. Bring the book to classes when we have readings due.
  • Read p. xiii and p. 208.
  • Go to ASULearn and send me a posting in the private forum (only you and Dr. Sarah): what you would like to be called (your nickname / first name); your phone number; your major; any additional academic concentrations/minors; whether you are or have been affiliated with Watauga Residential College; what you might like to do as a career; your non-academic interests and hobbies; anything that I should know about you so that I can best meet your needs as a student/understand you better; anything else you want me to know
  • On ASULearn add a picture of yourself (click on your name, Edit Profile) so that it is easier to get to know each other.
  • Review material from last week and lab. video review of Escher. If you did not complete the lab (or any other work from last week due to a later registration), then finish that via the class highlights page.
  • 28 Aug - Mon
  • Perspective drawing web reading and take notes
  • 24 Aug - Thur
  • Read through the Syllabus online (google Dr. Sarah...) Write down any questions you have - the university considers this a binding contract between us. Also read through Project 1 due on 9/7 and write down any questions.
  • 22 Aug - Tues
  • First class. You'll need to rent the hardcover Heart of Mathematics, and obtain a a scientific calculator (with a yx, xy, or ^ key on it) by next Tues.