Dr. Sarah's Tentative Calendar for MAT 1010106, 1010112 and WRC 1010101

The best way to contact me outside of class is during office hours or on the ASULearn Forum, as I usually check the posts daily, even on weekends.
  • Office Hours this week in 326: M/W 1:15-1:45, M 3:15-3:45, T/H 12:15-1 and 2-3:15. Zoom Sun 8/25 8pm and Mon 9/2 at 8pm via the need help from me link on ASULearn.
  • Math Lab in 103a S-Th 5-8pm
  • Syllabus and Grading Policies
    DUE Date
    hw due by T/H class time and class/lab activities. Additional TBA.
    assigned T/H class time at finals final project presentations on What is Mathematics
    4 Dec - Wed exam corrections
    26 Nov - Tues exam 3 on Consumer Statistics and Probability
    24 Oct - Thur exam 2 on Geometry of the Earth and Universe
    19 Sep - Thur exam 1 on Personal Finance and Beyond Algebra

    3 Sep - Tues hw due:
    ASULearn lump and periodic practice
    ASULearn Jane and Joan practice
    class: decisions and lottery

    29 Aug - Thur hw due:
    ▢ lab
    ASULearn real-life rates
    ▢ read THoM pp. 797-799 periodic payment earnings
    class: lab review, periodic payments, lump & periodic
    26 Aug - Mon hw due:
    ▢ rent the hardcover The Heart of Mathematics
    ASULearn Benjamin Franklin reading
    ▢ read THoM pp. 793-796 lump sum earnings
    lab: Benjamin Franklin's financial legacy, benf1.xls

    22 Aug - Thur hw due:
    ASULearn lump sum practice
    ASULearn add a profile picture
    class: earnings, quotes on taxation
    20 Aug - Tues hw due:
    ▢ obtain a stand alone scientific calculator (with a yx, xy, or ^ key on it)
    ▢ lab from Monday
    ASULearn percent practice
    ASULearn what is mathematics?
    class: lump sum earnings, handout
    19 Aug - Mon lab: intro, engagement, doubling money at today's rate: an introduction to Excel
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