Hands-on Geometry Explorations

Sarah J Greenwald, Appalachian State University

  • walking or driving an angle sum
  • stringing the Pythagorean theorem
  • surfing a TNB frame
  • I-4 on the sphere

    Introduction to Mathematics

    class activities and assignments
    geometry of the earth and universe segment questions
    geometry intro with walking or driving an angle sum
    earth intro with stringing the Pythagorean theorem
    parallels and perspective lab
    2D universe lab
    universe lab

    Introduction to Geometry

    class activities and assignments
    worksheet on axiomatic systems, measurement and constructions
    worksheet on similarity
    worksheet on modeling using the sphere and similarity
    worksheet on Pythagorean theorem
    worksheet on analytic/metric perspectives
    worksheet on polyhedra
    worksheet on equidistant water reservoir
    angle sums in various geometries
    worksheet on hyperbolic geometry I
    worksheet on hyperbolic geometry II
    worksheet on Desargues' theorem

    Differential Geometry

    class activities and assignments
    curves and homework2maple.mw
    research, investigate and present a surface   curvature2.mw  gcandmchw.mw
    surfing a TNB frame

    Thanks to the many people who inspired me in my hands-on geometry teaching activities. They include
    Experiencing Geometry David Henderson and Daina Taimina 2020 version and 2004 solutions
    Mathematics with Eye and Hand and The Decline and Rise of Geometry Walter Whiteley home page
    Spherical Easel Applet David Austin and William Dickinson