An image of the BeeMon monitoring hardware mounted on a beehive.

Control at Your Fingertips

BeeCon provides a cross-platform graphical user interface (GUI) to simplify set-up, use, and maintenance of the BeeMon system. No amount of potentially useful information or fancy features will help if the system is too difficult for beekeepers to use. With that in mind, the BeeCon interface offers users a relatively simple way to find, access, and control BeeMon devices on their home network.

While the BeeMon hardware handles the collection of data, and the BeeVee and BeePhon utilities work to analyze that data, it is BeeCon that brings everything together and puts it all in the hands of the users. With it, they are able to set and change preferences for how and when data is recorded, manually start and stop recording, download and analyze data, and make remote observations of the hive.

Even though the BeeMon system enables constant, near real-time collection of data, it is recognized that storage is a finite resource. It is also true that not all data is of equal value. Recording video at night when lighting is poor at best and bees remain home can strain limited resources while providing little value. Within the preferences settings, the user is able to specify start and end times, duration of recordings, resolution options, and even set intervals between recordings. By thus reducing storage spent on what is likely low-value data, the user can leave more space for the data that matters.