My Erdos Bacon number is 6-7 or infinity, depending on what/how you count.

Erdos number: 3 or 4. My Erdos number depends on how broadly inclusive you want to be in terms of what you want to define as a "mathematical paper." Bill Bauldry and I published an article "Coffee Cooling on a TI-CBL Unit and in Maple" in the International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics Proceedings, November 2001, pp. 151-154, which, if you count that, gives me an Erdos number of 3, since Bill (William C. Bauldry) published an article with Attila Mate, who published an article with Paul Erdos. If, on the otherhand you want to only count articles on MathSciNet say, then my Erdos number is 4 via numerous paths: [Emily B Dryden-Charles R Johnson-Peter J Cameron or Johanan Schonheim-Erdos] or [Carolyn Gordon-Juan Pablo Rossetti-John Horton Conway-Erdos].

Bacon number: 3 or infinity. I am on IMDb and credited there as myself on Futurama: Bite My Shiny Metal X (Video documentary short). David X Cohen was also on this. He also appears onscreen and speaking in the documentary I Know that Voice and there are numerous actors in that movie who have acted with Kevin Bacon, such as Edward Asner, who acted with Kevin Bacon in JFK (1991). So if you count documentaries, I have a Bacon number of 3.