PRIMUS - Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies

Special Section on Popular Culture in the Mathematics Classroom

Volume XIV, Number 1, March 2004, pp. 1-39

  • Using Popular Culture in the Mathematics and Mathematics Education Classroom
    by Sarah J. Greenwald and Andrew Nestler, pp. 1-4.

  • Kevin Bacon and Graph Theory
    by Brian Hopkins, pp. 5-11.

  • The Prize is Right in Your Classroom
    by William T. Butterworth and Paul R. Coe, pp. 12-28.

  • r dr r:  Engaging Students with Significant Mathematical Content From The Simpsons,
    by Sarah J. Greenwald and Andrew Nestler, pp. 29-39.

  • PRIMUS 2007 Publication

    In January of 2006 we had a very successful mathematics and popular culture session at the Joint Mathematics Meetings.
  • Saturday talks
  • Sunday talks

    Participants were invited to submit to a special issue of PRIMUS and eight papers appeared in March of 2007 in Volume XVII, Number 1.

    Effects on Students

  • A summary of studies detailing the effects of pop culture on students

    Also see Mathematics and Popular Culture Talks, and media coverage and related articles, and The Use of Letter Writing Projects in Teaching Geometry, PRIMUS, Vol X, Num 1, March, 2000, pp. 1-14.