In The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace Homer wants to be a famous inventor, like Thomas Edison. He works in his basement and writes the following on the blackboard:
Homer at the Blackboard Homer finishing at the blackboard

He then tries to build his invention, but instead he blows up his basement. Afterwards, using his singed hand, he changes an inequality sign on the blackboard.
Homer changing an
Question One of Homer's equations led to an explosion. Can we trust the others? Is the rest of the mathematics on the blackboard correct?

The first equation shows M(H0) = π (1/137)8 sqrt(hc/G)
The second equation shows 398712 + 436512 = 447212
The last line of the blackboard shows Homer's attempt to turn a donut into a sphere (one would think Homer would want to go in the reverse direction.)

Justify your answers.

Dr. Sarah J. Greenwald, Appalachian State University

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