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In the future, Lisa is examining a Yale course catalogue [The Simpsons GABF12: Future-Drama]: Lisa: It's so great that Yale has finally forbidden man from taking science. Now let's see... Should I major in "femistry" or "galgebra"?

A tale of the Mayflower's voyage is told with Springfield residents on board [The Simpsons GABF12: Future-Drama]: Reverend: Oh, I guess we'll never make it to the New World.
Bart: Oh. When we landed I was going to denounce my sister as a witch.
Lisa: I keep telling you, the ability to add two-digit numbers is not witchcraft.
Bart: 31 plus 43.
Lisa: 74.
Group: Witch! Witch! Witch!

Quotes from Girls Just Want to Have Sums

Epsiode Summary: Springfield is in an uproar after Principal Skinner makes a sexist comment at the end of an Itchy and Scratchy musical. Principal Skinner is replaced by Melanie Upfoot (Frances McDormand), a women's educational expert, who decides to divide the school into two different schools: one for boys, and one for girls. Studious Lisa soon becomes frustrated when she isn't learning anything from "girls' school." When the Principal refuses to allow her to take math at the boys' school, Lisa decides to dress up as a boy. While Bart teaches her the ropes of boyhood, Lisa wins the math award at the Student Achievement Awards and learns what it's really like to be a part of the "boys' club."

Dr. Sarah J. Greenwald, Appalachian State University

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