STEM Seminar Fall 2019 - Class Activities

Fri Nov 22 - Leadership Workshop
Holding Others' String to Achieve Goals
Lead by: Dr. Jim Street

Fri Nov 15 - Leadership Workshop

Lead by: Dr. Jim Street
Schoalrs devloped the STEM Program Code

Fri Nov 8 - Led by Dr. Jennifer Cecile
A panel on preparing for a successful career

Fri Nov 1 - Forum on Election Security
Led by: Dr. Ray Russell - CS at ASU
Dr. Buell is the former Chair of the University of South Carolina Computer Science Department. He is a nationally known expert in voting equipment security.
Bob Phillips, Executive Director of Common Cause.
Stella Anderson, in addition to being on the faculty at ASU, she is one of 5 members of the NC State Election Board.

Fri Oct 25 - Dr. Christian Wypasek, Wypasek Data Science
Joint with Math

Fri Oct 18 - Guest Speaker
Dr. Jennifer Weller, UNCC
A combination of using sequencing technologies to detect nucleic acid structure and modification and opportunities at NSF.

Fri Oct 11 - Guest Speaker
Mandela WashingtonFellow-in-Residence, Mr. Henry Chibutu

Education in Zambia

Fri Oct 4 - Guest Speaker
Prospecting for Palaeontological Resources within South Africa using Machine and Deep Learning Methods

Gavin Dollman, Lecturer: Computer Science and Informatics, University of the FREE State, South Africa

Fri Sep 27 - Guest Speaker
Dr. Trina Palmer - ASU Math
Fingerprinting and Graph Theory

Fri Sep 20 - Entrepreneurship
Erich Schlenker, Director of Center for Entrepreneurship, Appalachian State University

Fri Sep 13 - Career Development
Erika Cary, Assistant Director/Career Counselor, College of Arts and Sciences

Fri Sep 6 - Internship Presentations
Cameron Small, Alisha Sprinkle, Kevin Tian, and Shandon Anderson

Fri Aug 30 - Team Building

Fri Aug 23
First Day - Plan for the semester, build the teams, and reviewing the activities of the semester
SSTEM Project Proposals

Quantum Computing (Intro theory and qubit fabrication)
Li (leader), Alivia, Gabriel, and Josh Jackson

Embedded Systems (Hydroponics):
Miguel (Leader), Gabriel, Cole, and Nadeen

Game by Dr. Palmers (CS major wanted): Julia (Leader), Sarah, Shandon, and Jordan
Data for entrance exams:
Josh (leader), Jefferson, and Jose

Integrate IoT (internet of things) and image object classification:
Joe (Leader), AJ, Kevin, and Bryan

UnREAL engine (creating a tutorial for a game):
Aidan (LeadeR), Zoe, Ethan, and Victor

Courtney (Leader), Cameron, Mikayla, and Diana

Geology: Jayson and Isabella

Chemistry: Gabriel (Leader), Abby, and Loly