STEM Seminar Fall 2020 - Class Activities

Fri Nov 20 - Food Physics talk to prepare for Thanksgiving and the holiday season
Professor Carla Ramsdell - Department of Physics and Astronomy - ASU

Fri Nov 13 - Bioinformatics
Dr. Jun-tao Guo - University of North Carolina Charlotte

Fri Nov 6 - TBD

Fri Oct 30 - Mr. Keith Bowers, F5
How F5 performs application security, network security, access security

Fri Oct 23 - Career Development Workshop
Laura Pell, ASU Career Development

Fri Oct 16 - Visualizations - The earthquake catalog
Dr. Scott Marshall - Department of Geoligical and Environmental Science - ASU

Fri Oct 9 - The Astronomer Who Came in from the Cold
Dr. Dan Caton - Department of Physics and Astronomy - ASU
It is about how observational astronomy has evolved from being out in the cold, to modern, remote (appropriate for now!), and automatic observing, and some of the tech involved. Dr. Caton will share his own related research.

Fri Oct 2 - Leadership series
Dr. Jim Street

Fri Sep 25 - Leadership series
Dr. Jim Street

Fri Sep 18 - Visualization (The art of creating good ones)
Dr. Tashakkori, CS at App

Fri Sep 11 - Distinguished Guest Speaker Series
Dr. Gregg Marland - ASU

Fri Sep 4 - Leadership series (Getting to Know Your Team)
Dr. Jim Street

Fri Aug 28 - Sharing Internship Experience
Bryan Hill, Zoe Upchurch, Tyler Tripp,

Fri Aug 21 - Getting the Semester started
Welcoming the new scholars
In the News
1. Brooke Henderson (Chemistry)
2. Danny Avila (CS-Grad)
3. Kayla Friend (CS)
4. Abdel Issa (CS)
5. Sofia Cole (Math-Grad)
6. Alex Johnson (Math)
7. Katie Nguyen 8. Christian Payne (Math)
9. Sydney Andrews (Physics)
10. Annie Anderson (Physics)
11. Dominick Fetters (Physics-Grad)

Plan for the semester

Study Hall Leaders
Danny manages all the Study Halls and Breakout rooms by subject
CS Study Hall Leader - Danny Avila
CS Study Hall Leader - Bryan Hill for Intro to Midlevel courses
CS Study Hall Leader - Martin Hernandez-Gamezfor Mid to Upperlevel courses
Chemistry Study Hall Leader - Loly Amaya
Geology Study Hall Leader - Jason Sellars
Math Study Hall Leader - Sofia Cole
Physics Study Hall Leader - Dominick Fetters

Dr. Tashakkori - How the shinny rock became that shinny?