STEM Seminar Fall 2021 - Class Activities

Mon Dec 6 - 2:00-4:30 - Final Conference

Fri Nov 26 - Thanksgiving Break
Starts on Wednesday Nov 24

Fri Nov 19 - Leadership Workshop, The last seminar of the semester
Dr. Jim Street
Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership - Encourage The Heart

Fri Nov 12 - Sharing Internship and Summer Experience
Abdel Issa, Jaydon Hush, Will O'Brien, and Zhane Anderson

Fri Nov 5 - Guest Speaker
Dr. Michael Reddish, ASU Chemistry
Enzymes - Learning from Nature's Chemistry Lab Bench
Brief Summary: Enzymes are natural catalysts that make important chemical reactions possible on a timescale that matters to you and me (seconds instead of years). Biochemists study enzymes for many different reasons. We can learn from enzymes how to make chemical reactions more efficient. We can use our knowledge of enzymes to design important medicines and therapies. In this seminar, we will discuss some of these different applications and explore how Dr. Reddish's lab does research on the cytochrome P450 family of enzymes.

Fri Oct 29 - Guest Speaker
Dr. Christian Wallen, ASU Chemistry
Title: Coordination Chemistry of Three Industrially-Relevant Small Molecules
Description: Hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide are all small molecules produced and consumed on massive scales globally. Transition metal catalysts are often involved in the production and/or application of these compounds, but the chemical principles at the heart of these processes are often poorly understood. Thankfully, chemical research projects in academia and industry are focused on better understanding the chemistry involved in these global-scale process in order to inform the development of next-generation catalysts. Dr. Wallen’s research experiences concerning the chemistry between transition-metal complexes and three industrially-relevant protic small molecules will be presented.

Fri Oct 22 - Guest Speaker
Dr. Michael Opata, ASU Biology
Title: Effects of moderate malnutrition on gut integrity and development of immune cells during malaria infection
Our lab is interested in understanding development of immunity to chronic infections and we use malaria as our infection model of chronic disease. Since malnutrition is common in malaria endemic regions, we are interested in understanding how a diet that induces moderate malnutrition affects gut immunity during infection with malaria. The second part of the project is to understand how malnutrition in general affects development of immunity in general and how we can develop a neonatal model for malaria infection, since children are the most affected by this disease.

Fri Oct 15 - Guest Speaker
Dr. Tony Calamai
Professor of Physics at Appstate
Program Officer at the National Science Foundation

Fri Oct 8 - Guest Speaker (Zoom Class)
Dr. Jessica Schlueter, UNC Charlotte
Bioinformatics in action: Wastewater surveillance and Covid variant sequencing at UNC Charlott

Fri Oct 1 - Guest Speaker
Dr. Tonya Coffey, ASU Physics
Smashing pumpkins with rubber bands

Fri Sep 24 - Guest Speaker
Radial Basis Functions - New Numerical Approximation Techniques for Applied Mathematics Problems.
Dr. Nadun Kulasekera Mudiyanselage, ASU Math

Fri Sep 17 - Leadership Workshop
Dr. Jim Street

Fri Sep 10 - Sharing Internship and REU Research
Tyler Tripp, Emma Allen, Bryan Hill, Shams Ahmed

Fri Sep 3 - Guest Speaker, Math
The AI Decision
Zoom link: Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 967 4803 9788 , Passcode: 608426
Dr. Gary Smith, the Fletcher Jones Professor, from the Economics Department at Pomona College
The real danger today is not that computers are smarter than us, but that we think computers are smarter than us and consequently trust them to make decisions they should not be trusted to make. Dr. Smith's is interests lie within financial markets, especially the stock market, and the application of statistical analysis to finance and sports. Dr. Smith has published 15 books and over 100 academic papers, which include two statistics textbooks (Introduction to Statistical Reasoning and Essential Statistics, Regression and Econometrics) and three books (The AI Delusion, The 9 Pitfalls of Data Science, and The Phantom Pattern Problem). The 9 Pitfalls of Data Science has won the 2020 PROSE Award for Popular Science & Popular Mathematics. He will be discussing his work in the critique of the use of AI, big data and machine learning.

Fri Aug 27 - Leadership Workshop
Dr. Jim Street

Fri Aug 20 - Getting the Semester started
Welcome Back!
Plan for the semester

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