STEM Seminar Spring 2019 - Class Activities

Fri Apr 26 - Career Development Workshop
Rawdon Marrouqin, ASU Career Development

Fri Apr 19 -
Dr. Jefferson Bates of ASU Chemistry
Title: Feynman Diagrams & the Quantum Many-Body Problem
Abst: Known for his many contributions in physics, Richard Feynman developed a peculiar diagrammatic technique for solving the equations of quantum electrodynamics. Today, those techniques have been extended to many other fields of physics and chemistry. In particular, these diagrams have been crucial for developing and interpreting sophisticated electronic structure calculations of molecules and solids. I will describe how these diagrams have been applied to calculate the excitations of many-electron systems, and present some results demonstrating their accuracy for chemical applications.

Fri Apr 12 - S-STEM Focus Group Meeting
Dr. Jennifer McGee and Dr. Amy Germuth

Fri Apr 5 - CS Advisory Boord Meeting
Students presentation on different projects. Interaction with the CS External Advisory Board.

Fri Mar 29 - Leadership Workshop
Leadership and Values
Dr. Jim Street

Leadership and Values

Fri Mar 22 - Mid semester report on projects
All Teams

Fri Mar 15 - Leadership Workshop
Creative Problem Solving
Dr. Jim Street

Fri Mar 8
Spring Break

Fri Mar 1 -
Passive Solar ("useful math") and Thinking Like a Mathematician
Dr. Trina Palmer of ASU Mathematics

Fri Feb 22 - Leadership Workshop
Dr. Jim Street & Caroline Team Building II - Team Effectiveness

Fri Feb 15 - Visualization Workshop
Dr. Rahman Tashakkori, Department of Computer Science, ASU
Which visualization for what purpose?

Fri Feb 8 - S-STEM Alumni Sharing an Experience
Professor Tyrel Winebarger
Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE) and Sustainability in the Classroom
Sustainability topics provide excellent opportunities for fostering quantitative literacy through exploration of real and relevant phenomena. DIMACS’ Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE) 2013+ writing workshop ”Developing Sustainability Modules for the Community College Classroom” brought instructors from universities and two-year colleges together to revise then current mathematical exploration modules and develop new units relating mathematical concepts to current issues surrounding sustainability efforts worldwide. I will share a module that requires learners to analyze climate data using R-Shiny apps to explore big data sets, as well as a module designed around mathematical modelling to determine the effects and sustainability of palm oil production.

Fri Feb 1 - Machine Learning - Density Estimation
Juan Jose Garcia, PhD Candidate
B.Sc. Computer Science, Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL), Ecuador
Title: Collective Learning of Distributions Abstract: Modeling sets is a fundamental task of Machine Learning. Yet, the bulk of machine learning approaches either ignore the relationship between elements, or model sets in a manner that depends on ordering. With this in mind, we developed PILET, a machine learning model invariant to set order, that leverages dependencies between elements. We evaluate the efficacy of PILET on the task of point-cloud Generation.

Fri Jan 25 - Guest Speaker Series
Dr. Andy Heckert, ASU Geology and Environmental Sciences
"Lots of data from little fossils: Can tiny fossils help answer big questions?"

Fri Jan 18
First Day - Plan for the semester, build the teams, and reviewing the activities of the semester