STEM Seminar Spring 2020 - Class Activities

Fri April 24 -
Dr. Caroline Smith, ASU

Fri Apr 17 - Music Informatics - Visualization Workshop
Dr. Mitch Parry, ASU CS

Fri April 10 - Easter break

Fri April 3 - The Original Nintendo
Jeremy Ehret

Fri Mar 27 - TBD
Dr. Tempestt Adams (Zoom)

Fri Mar 20 - Space System Software
Cancelled due to COVID-19 (Extended Spring Break)

Fri Mar 13 - Spring Break

Fri Mar 6 - A great Visualization Talk
Spring Break Surprise - A fun and engaging talk and demo

Fri Feb 28 - Leadership Workshop
Dr. Jim Street
Perspective Taking

Fri Feb 21 - Leadership Workshop
Dr. Jim Street
Taking Risks

Fri Feb 14 - Focus Group
Dr. Jennifer McGee and Dr. Amy Germuth, Co-PI and Program Evaluator

Fri Feb 7 - Honey Bee Talk
Dr. James Wilkes

Fri Jan 31 - TBD
Dr. JP Jameson, Associate Professor Licensed Psychologist- Health Service Provider Department of Psychology, Appalachian State University

Fri Jan 24 - Leadership Workshop
The Truth About Leadership
Dr. Jim Street
S-STEM team developed these truth Get the job done
S-STEM team developed these truth
1. Get the job done
2. A leader leads as a member of the team/Humility
3. Lead by example
4. Not everyone should lead
5. Great leaders know when to follow
6. We all can develop our capacity to lead
7. A more experienced leader doesn’t always make the best leader
8. A Leader takes responsibility for BAD
9. Good leaders give tasks right people (right people right task)

Dr. Street's Truth About Leaderhip
Truth #1 You Make a Difference. Before you lead you have to believe that you can have a positive impact on others. When you believe you can make a difference, you position yourself to hear the call to lead.
Truth #2 Credibility Is the Foundation of Leadership. If people don’t believe in you, they won’t willingly follow you. You must do what you say you are going to do. This means being so clear about your beliefs that you can live them every day.
Truth #3 Values Drive Commitment. You need to know what you believe in because you can only fully commit to the organization or cause when there is a good fit between what you value and the organization values. This is true too, for the people you lead.
Truth #4 Focusing on the Future Sets Leaders Apart. You have to be forward looking; it’s the quality that most differentiates leaders from individual contributors. You need to spend time reflecting on the future. Big dreams that resonate with others inspire and energize.
Truth #5 You Can’t Do It Alone. Leadership is a team sport, and you need to engage others in the cause. You need to enable others to be even better than they already are.
Truth #6 Trust Rules. To enlist others, you need trust. Build mutual trust; you must trust others too.
Truth #7 Challenge Is the Crucible of Greatness. Great achievements don’t happen when you keep things the same. Change invariably involves challenge, and challenge tests you. It introduces you to yourself. It brings you face-to-face with your level of commitment, your grittiness, and your values. It reveals your mindset about change. i
Truth #8 You Either Lead by Example or You Don’t Lead at All. You have to go first as a leader. That’s what it takes to get others to follow your lead.
Truth #9 The Best Leaders Are the Best Learners. Learning is the master skill of leadership. Leaders are constant improvement fanatics.
Truth #10 Leadership Is an Affair of the Heart. Leaders love what they’re doing and those they lead. Leaders make others feel great themselves and are gracious in showing their appreciation.

Fri Jan 17 - Getting the Semester started
Welcoming the new scholars, plan for the semester
Dr. Tashakkori - How the shinny rock became that shinny?