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  • Writing Projects and DUE/REVISION Dates

  • Wile E. Coyote needs your help!DUE MON by 5pm. In addition, read p. 61-68 of your text. REVISION DUE Tues, Sept 1st by 5pm
  • Joan and JaneDUE Wed, Sept 2nd by 5pm. REVISION DUE Thur, Sept 10th(my b-day!) by 5pm.
  • Ben Franklin's Trusts DUE Fri, Sept 18th by 5pm. REVISION DUE Fri, Sept 25th by 5pm.
  • Buying a HouseDUE Fri, Sept 25th by 5pm. REVISION DUE
  • Car Buying DUE Fri, Oct 9th by 5pm. REVISION DUE
  • Tax Return Lab (Original Contributor: Greg Rhoads) DUE Wed, Oct 14th by 5pm. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4,
  • Circle Lab p. 142 #6 DUE Fri, Oct 23rd by 5pm.
  • Statistics on the Web Lab DUE Fri, Oct 30th by 5pm
  • Minitab Statistics lab on SAT scores and GPA DUE Fri, Nov 6th by 5pm Adapted from a lab by Greg Rhoads
  • California Wine Contest lab DUE Fri, Nov20th by 5pm Originally a lab by Greg Rhoads
  • What is a Mathematician? DUE Tuesday after Thanksgiving by 5pm
  • The Simpsons Math 1010 lab
  • 3-d Homer Simpson Writing Assignment DUE Tuesday just before the last day of classes by 5pm
  • Some of Dr. Sarah's In-Class Ideas (see class highlights above for a day-to-day summary

    Financial Mathematics
  • Real Life Person's Credit Card Use -
    MasterCard Page 1, Back of Page 1 , Page 2, Back of Page 2
    Visa Page 1, Back of Page 1
  • Real Life Person's Student Loan -
    Page 1, Back of Page 1, Page 2
  • Use index cards to randomly call on students to present HW problems at the board - if they "pass", then their group/table must help them to complete the problem and put it on the board
  • 4 stations were passed around the room: 1) bin with red, green and white dice, 2) blue mug with blue and red chips, 3) glass with blue and red chips, 4) blue mug with 4 oddly shaped dice. For each station, groups devised a sampling experiment. They then carried this out and collected data to discuss the next day. The next day: for each of the 4 stations from Monday, each group explained their statistical sampling method, and results. We compared these and discussed biases...
  • MATH WHIZ CONTEST: From pages 200-206, groups will work on problems (except 11 and 12, which we did in class). The first group to put up a problem correctly on the board gets credit for that problem. Each problem is awarded to only one group. Groups try to get credit for as many problems in the time allotted as possible. MATH WHIZ prizes are handed out to the group with the most number of problems completed, and the group with the highest quality of problems completed.
  • From Nancy Sexton, who obtained this idea at NCCTM: IS PRICE PER OUNCE A GOOD PREDICTOR OF COOKIE TASTE - the class tastes and then we gather the data and analyze it using a linear regression.
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