Dr. Sarah's Math 1010 Web Page - Fall 2000

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Get a scientific calculator which can do powers (y^x or x^y or ^ symbol). Make sure you know your pipeline e-mail address and password before Monday - come to office hours for help on this!


  • Class highlights Includes a day to day overview.
  • Dr. Sarah's Office Hours
  • Projects and DUE/REVISION Dates
  • Writing Guidelines for Math 1010
  • Dr. Sarah's Checklist for Math 1010 Writing Projects
  • Syllabus and Grading Policies Includes course goals
  • Projects and DUE/REVISION Dates


  • Wile E. Coyote needs your help! DUE Tues 8/22 by 5pm, revision due Thur 31 at 5pm (turn in original with revised paper).
  • Ben Franklin due Tues 9/5 at 6:30pm
  • Jane and Joan due Fri 9/8 at 5pm.
  • Jane and Joan Extra Credit
  • Dr. Sarah's Condo due Sept 18th at 5pm, revisions due Mon Sept 25 at 5pm
  • Car Lab Homework Due Monday Sept 18th at the begining of lab
  • Car Lab due Tuesday September 26 at 5pm.
  • Test 1 on Finance Thur Sept 21, revisions due Tues Oct 3rd One 8.5*11 sheet with writing on both sides allowed, one calculator mandatory.
  • Dr. Sarah's Homer Tax Lab due Tuesday Oct 3rd
  • Dr. Sarah's Stock Market Homework


  • Dr. Sarah's Stock Market Statistics Lab due Tue Oct 10
  • Dr. Sarah's Web Polls and Census Info due Thur Oct 19. Here are partial soltions.
  • Dr. Sarah's Stock Market Statistics Lab Part II due Thur Oct 26, revisions due Tues Nov 7 at 5pm - YOU MUST TURN IN YOUR ORIGINAL ALSO!!
  • SAT lab due Mon Nov 30
  • egg bungee jump contest due at the end of lab on Mon Nov 30
  • Review Sheet for Test 2
  • Test 2 on Statistics Thur Nov 2 One 8.5*11 sheet with writing on both sides allowed. Calculator is mandatory, straight edge is allowed.

    What is a Mathematician?

  • What is a Mathematician? preliminary references due Thur Nov 9th at the beginng of class, presentations Nov 14, 16, 21, paper due Nov 21 at 6pm.
  • Dr. Sarah's What is a Mathematician - Andrew Wiles and Fermat's Last Theorem
  • What is a Mathematician continued - Searching for Dr. Sarah

    Geometry of Our Earth and Universe

  • Geometry of Our Earth and Universe initial report and presentation due in lab, revised report, web page printouts and presentation due Tues Nov 28 at the begining of class.
  • Dr. Sarah's 2-d into 3-d Homer Due Friday Nov 1st at 5pm, revisions due Wed Nov 6th with 4-d Homer.
  • Dr. Sarah's 3-d into 4-d Homer Due Wed Nov 6 at 5pm.

    Interesting Math Links

  • A Guide to Major Motion Pictures with Scenes of Real Mathematics
  • Euclid's Elephants, er, Elements. Check this out, this is so cool, it's interactive!!!
  • The Uselessness of Pi
  • The Prime Page
  • A Large Prime Number Found By Computer
  • Interactive Geometry from the Geometry Center in Minnesota.
  • Visualizing N-dimensional polytopes
  • What mathematician was born on your birthday?
  • 3D Strange Attractors
  • Biographies of Women Mathematicians
  • A collection of math related cartoons