Dr. Sarah's Math 1010 Web Page - Spring 2001

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Get a scientific calculator which can do powers (y^x or x^y or ^ symbol).


  • Class highlights Includes nightly homework, web based problems, and a day to day overview.
  • Dr. Sarah's Office Hours
  • WebCT Includes bulletin board, calendar of long term due dates for projects and quiz retakes, and grades
  • Dr. Sarah's Checklist for Math 1010 Writing Projects
  • Syllabus and Grading Policies
  • Projects and DUE/REVISION Dates

    Geometry of our Earth and Universe

  • Earth and Universe Report and References due Thur April 12 at the BEGINING of class.
  • 2-d into 3-d Homer Lab DUE Thur April 19.
  • Web readings on 2d, 3d and 4d
  • 3-d into 4-d Homer Lab DUE at the final exam along with revisions and the original of 2-d into 3-d Homer.
  • Dr. Sarah's Geometry of the Universe

    What is a Mathematician?

  • What is a Mathematician?
  • Dr. Sarah's Worksheet on Andrew Wiles
  • Icosahedron


  • Stock intro
  • Dr. Sarah's Web Polls and Census Info DUE Fri 2/23, Here are partial solutions.
  • Stock Statistics Lab Report counts as double. Draft due Monday 3/5
  • Bungee Jump due in lab
  • Statistics Test Review sheet Test is Mon March 19


  • Wile E. Coyote needs your help! DUE Wed 1/10 by 5pm, revision due Fri 1/19 at 5pm (turn in original with revised paper).
  • Jane and Joan due Fri 26 by 5pm.
  • Ben Franklin Report counts as double. DUE Wed 31 at 5pm.
  • Dr. Sarah's Condo DUE at the end of lab. Last part of the lab due Fri Feb 16th
  • Car Lab HW Due at the begining of lab on Monday the 5th.
  • Test 1 review sheetTest 1 is Thur 8
  • Car Lab draft due Mon 12th at 6pm
  • Homer's Taxes due Fri 16th at 5pm