Dr. Sarah's 3-d Homer Lab

3-d Homer from Treehouse of Horror VI 3F04 (10/30/95)

Text and Did You Notice? by James A. Cherry
Audio of Prof. Frink explaining the theory of the third dimension
Pictures of Homer Changing into 3-d and 3-d Homer.
Fox's movie clip of 3-d Homer
Pacific Data Images description of the 3-d special
How did Pacific Data Images do this?


  • How do 2-d creatures pass each other?

  • Where is a 2-d creature's mouth located? Why?

  • Where is a 2-d creature's eyes located? Why?

  • Do 2-d creatures know what the z-axis is?

  • If an orange passed thru the blackboard, just next to a 2-d creature, what would the creature see?


    In The Simpsons segment 3-d Homer from Treehouse of Horror VI (episode 3F04 airing 10/30/95), Homer Simpson goes from 2-d into 3-d. Write a letter from Homer Simpson to his wife Marge which discusses the change from 2-d into 3-d. Be sure to include mathematical explanations in Homer's words (as opposed to Professor Frink's words), in addition to physical descriptions. Compare and contrast Homer and Bart's 2-d and 3-d appearances (in Homer's words). Use the above information to help you. Turn in this sheet filled out and your letter.

    4-d Homer

    In most respects, the Simpsons already represent a 3-d world. For example, when the Simpsons pass one another, they don't jump over each other as 2-d creatures would have to do. Pretend that Homer Simpson and family had been 3-d all along and that he changed into 4-d (length, width, height and some other physical dimension, call it w). Think about how Homer would be different if he changed from 3-d to 4-d.
  • What would happen to one piece of Homer's hair?

  • What would happen to one layer of Homer's skin?

  • What would happen to one red blood cell?