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    Now that the tests are complete, I wanted to update you on your course average, which is currently (as of 11/19) A- (excellent - Exceptional Achievement). There are still plenty of opportunities for the grade to change. You’ll need Project 4 to complete the 2 of 4 Project requirement and everyone must participate in the final research presentations during our assigned time on Tuesday Dec 8 from 3-5:30 (that is worth 15% of your final grade). Remaining attendance and hw can also impact your grade, which is computed on a 10 point scale as a weighted average, as per the syllabus: .25*average of 2 highest projects + .5*average of 2 highest tests + .1*participation + .15*final research presentations The details of each that we’ve completed are here on ASULearn in the grades section. Keep up the good work and see you soon! Dr. Sarah
    Now that we’ve had 2 projects, 1 test and many other activities counting for participation, I wanted to update you on your course average, which is which is currently (as of 10/8) a A (excellent - Exceptional Achievement) B (good-Extensive Achievement). C (satisfactory - Acceptable Proficiency) D (needs improvement) There are lots of opportunities for the grade to change--the lowest test is dropped, and remaining projects plus the final research presentation are a significant portion of the grade. Keep up the good work and have a nice weekend! Dr. Sarah