Dr. Sarah's Writing Checklist

This list will be used to grade your assignment, and will be returned to you with comments. Keep a copy of your paper since I will keep the one that you give me.

Does this paper:

    Brief Summary of Life and Work

  1. clearly summarize the mathematician's life?
  2. clearly summarize the mathematician's work?

    What Kind of Mathematician is He or She?

  3. one that answers this question by using the guidelines in the assignment?
  4. one that deeply explores this issue?


  5. clearly state the mathematics?
  6. present the mathematics slowly and clearly enough so that Dr. Sarah can follow?
  7. present the mathematics slowly enough so that others who haven't seen it before can follow?
  8. discuss the mathematics as directed in the assignment?
  9. define all variables, terminology, and notation used?
  10. flow smoothly?
  11. give simple examples?
  12. contain correct mathematics?
  13. discuss the importance of the work in the context of mathematics, the real world, and applications?
  14. discuss the mathematics in your own words?
  15. explore the mathematics deeply?
  16. explain any graphs, equations or statements mentioned.


  17. contain an introduction and conclusion?
  18. use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation?
  19. address the appropriate audience?
  20. flow smoothly when read out loud?
  21. look professional?
  22. give acknowledgment where it is due?


  23. contain a diverse collection of references from different sources?
  24. contain a list of useful web references?
  25. contain comments of how you used each reference / what it was useful for?
  26. attempt to explain any contradictions that arose in the references?
  27. contain a list of published papers listed on MathSciNet from lab?
  28. contain a printout of the first page of every web reference?