Searching for Dr. Sarah

Searching for Dr. Sarah - You may turn in one per group.

Click on the links from the web version of this lab.

Searching for Advisor and Students

Math Genealogy Project
  • What was the title of Dr. Sarah's dissertation?

  • ASU is not a PhD granting institution in mathematics, so Dr. Sarah won't have any doctoral students listed. How many students has Dr. Sarah's advisor had?

    Searching for Articles

    Search MathSciNet for Dr. Sarah
  • How many articles does Dr. Sarah have listed on MathSciNet?

    Go to Dr. Sarah's home page

  • Write down the names of the 4 journal sources where Dr. Sarah has had articles, papers and columns published.

  • Write down the titles of the published works.

  • Some of the above are not listed on MathSciNet since the journals are not listed. Which one of the four sources is listed in MathSciNet Sources? The other three are not part of MathSciNet.

  • How come Dr. Sarah's paper in this one source in not listed on MathSciNet? (Hint: Look back at my website)

    Other Searches

    Search Association for Women in Mathematics for Dr. Sarah
  • How many matches come up?

    Click on each link and then use the edit, find command to search for Dr. Sarah in the pages.

  • Did Dr. Sarah present a poster, paper or talk at the Olga Taussky Todd Celebration of Careers in Mathematics for Women?

    Search Notices of the American Mathematical Society for Dr. Sarah

  • Click on the San Antonio Meeting Program that comes up. Unfortunately, you can not use the Edit, Find command since this is an adobe acrobat (PDF) file. Scroll down to page 38 of 50 (Friday, early evening). What was the title of Dr. Sarah's talk?
  • Your Mathematician

    Look at the following checklist points from the paper on References: I have bolded a few of the points. Continue your research on your mathematician.

    23.contain a diverse collection of references from different sources?
    24.contain a list of useful web references?
    25.contain comments of how you used each reference / what it was useful for?
    26.attempt to explain any contradictions that arose in the references?
    27.contain a list of published papers listed on MathSciNet from lab?
    28.contain a printout of the first page of every web reference?