Dr. Sarah's Tentative Calendar for MAT 1010106, 1010112 and WRC 1010101

The best way to contact me outside of class is during office hours or on the ASULearn Forum, as I usually check the posts daily, even on weekends.
  • Office Hours this week in 326: Effective March 24th (and internet allowing) I'm initiating targeted (optional) Zoom office hours during your regular class time. Zoom on Monday at 8pm will remain an open Zoom for all my classes at once. We will be using a flipped asynchronous model, which I am working on.
  • Math Lab in 103a S-Th 5-8pm
  • Syllabus and Grading Policies
    DUE Date
    hw due by T/H class time. Additional TBA.
    assigned T/H class time at finals final project presentations on What is Mathematics
    4 Dec - Wed exam corrections
    3 Dec - Tues hw due:
    ASULearn course survey is due
    class: t-shirt or ugly sweater day! If you have one, bring a laptop, tablet, phone, or similar, that you could connect to the internet. What is Mathematics?, courseval, work on final project/exam corrections
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    2 Dec - Mon hw due:
    ▢ work on final project/exam corrections
    lab: ASULearn course survey, research/reflection guide

    26 Nov - Tues hw due:
    ASULearn glossary/wiki for exam 3
    ▢ complete any items in this segment
    class: exam 3 on Consumer Statistics and Probability
    25 Nov - Mon hw due:
    ASULearn review practice
    lab: statistics detective review,   classdata.xlsx

    21 Nov - Thur hw due:
    ASULearn study guide
    class: If you have one, bring a laptop, tablet, phone, or similar, that you could connect to the internet. case studies 4,   evals
    19 Nov - Tues hw due:
    ▢ case study lab
    class: case studies 3, handout
    18 Nov - Mon hw due:
    ▢ read THoM pp. 776-788 deciding personal and public policy
    ASULearn policy practice
    lab: case study lab,   news.gallup.com

    14 Nov - Thur hw due:
    ASULearn case study (amazing stats or internet askew p. 663-664 15 or 18)
    class: case studies 2
    12 Nov - Tues hw due:
    ▢correlation lab
    class: case studies 1, 1969 Vietnam draft [2:39-5:00], draft data
    11 Nov - Mon hw due:
    ▢ read THoM inferences
    pp. 659-661 Extrapolating to Nonsense
    pp. 712-722 Making Inferences from Data
    pp. 740-745 Measuring Relationships-Correlation
    ASULearn inferences practice
    lab: correlation lab,   classdata1.xlsx,   points removed,   Gapminder Tools

    7 Nov - Thur hw due:
    ▢ read THoM collecting, interpreting, and summarizing data
    pp. 645-650 Meaning from Data
    pp. 655-657 Stumbling Through a Minefield of Data
    pp. 674-678 Getting Your Data to Shape Up
    pp. 53-56 and p. 61 Numerical Patterns in Nature
    ASULearn data analysis practice
    class: inferences intro, sleep data, countries data
    5 Nov - Tues hw due:
    ▢ probability lab
    class: data analysis intro, random number data, countries data, finish Thur
    4 Nov - Mon hw due:
    ▢ read THoM probability
    pp. 570-584 Predicting the Future in an Uncertain World
    pp. 591-596 Random Thoughts: Are Coincidences as Truly Amazing as They First Appear?
    pp. 626-631 Drizzling, Defending, and Doctoring Probability in Our World and Lives
    ASULearn probability practice
    lab: probability lab,   Birthday simulation,   World Bank population estimates and projections,   WorldBank_Population.xlsx
    fill down helper video,   highlighter helper video

    31 Oct - Thur ▢ research day to begin the final project. I'll be on Zoom during class if you have questions.
    29 Oct - Tues hw due:
    ASULearn quantifying ourselves and nature
    ASULearn comparing and ranking countries
    class: probability, ASU probability, NC counties. handout, costumes welcome
    28 Oct - Mon hw due:
    ▢ Ask around to see whether any two people on your floor (or on social media or wherever) have the same birthday (month and day) and record 1) the number of people who respond, as well as 2) whether you find any shared birthdays.
    lab: ASULearn quantifying ourselves and nature, ASULearn comparing and ranking countries

    24 Oct - Thur hw due:
    study guide
    ASULearn glossary/wiki for exam 2
    ASULearn complete any items in this segment
    class: exam 2
    22 Oct - Tues hw due:
    ▢ universe lab
    ASULearn review practice geom
    class: themes, review, study guide
    21 Oct - Mon hw due:
    ASULearn universe practice
    lab: universe lab,   heartdata.xlsx,   Torus Games,   dodecahedron movie,   The Cubical Faces of a Hypercube

    17 Oct - Thur hw due:
    ASULearn earth practice
    ▢ read THoM universes
    pp. 270-275 Discovering Symmetry and Interconnections among the Platonic solids
    pp. 297-298 The Shape of Our Universe
    pp. 309 The Fourth Dimension
    pp. 311 Are Safes Safe Across Dimensions?
    pp. 313-315 Visualizing Cubes
    pp. 315-317 Does the Fourth Dimension REALLY Exist?
    class: geometry of the universe, 1, 2, 3, 4, Jeff Weeks & density experiments, 5

    10 Oct - Thur hw due:
    ▢ read THoM earth
    pp. 289-291 How Straight Lines Can Bend in Non-Euclidean Geometries
    pp. 294-295 Triangles on a Sphere
    ▢ Bring a child's ball - these are usually found in bins in stores and cost a couple of dollars. Be sure that this ball is smooth, can bounce, and that you will not mind writing on it during class. 6-12 inch diameter is ideal.
    class: geometry of the earth
    8 Oct - Tues hw due:
    ▢ 2D universes lab
    class: What is Mathematics?, Math: It's Everywhere, handout, Seeing is Believing, breakthroughs
    7 Oct - Mon hw due:
    ASULearn 2D universes practice
    lab: 2D universes lab, Torus Games

    3 Oct - Thur hw due:
    ▢ read THoM 2D universes
    pp. 292-293 Distances in a Different World
    pp. 295-296 Geometry on a Saddle
    pp. 307-308 Making a Point, Getting in Line, Home on the Plane
    pp. 310 Understanding Through Analogy
    pp. 332-333 What is a Torus and Holy Doughnuts
    pp. 349-350 The Klein Bottle
    class: living in a 2D world, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    1 Oct - Tues hw due:
    ▢ perspective lab
    ASULearn geom intro practice
    class: measuring, representing, and applying 2D universes
    30 Sep - Mon hw due:
    ASULearn earth and universe preliminary research
    lab: perspective lab, perspectivehouse.xls, fill down helper video

    26 Sep - Thur hw due:
    ▢ read THoM geom intro
    pp. 206-212 Geometric Gems
    pp. xiii-xvi Welcome
    class: 2D cartoons and Escher perspectives, handout
    24 Sep - Tues hw due:
    ▢ expected value and simulations lab
    class: geo intro, handout 1, handout 2, turanga leela
    23 Sep - Mon hw due:
    ASULearn Mathematics: The Most Misunderstood Subject
    lab: expected value and simulations, intro, exam corrections, study guide

    19 Sep - Thur hw due:
    ASULearn glossary/wiki for exam 1
    ASULearn complete any items in this segment
    class: exam 1 on Personal Finance and Beyond Algebra
    17 Sep - Tues hw due:
    ▢ car lab
    ASULearn study guide
    class: review, exam study, study guide, algebra, glossary and themes
    16 Sep - Mon hw due:
    ASULearn review problems
    lab: car decisions, condocarlabsols.xlsx

    12 Sep - Thur hw due:
    ASULearn review practice
    class: loan 3, credit, themes, BRK-A
    10 Sep - Tues hw due:
    ▢ home decisions lab
    class: loan 2, payday loans
    9 Sep - Mon hw due:
    ASULearn loan practice
    lab: home decisions, condocarlabsols.xlsx

    5 Sep - Thur hw due:
    ASULearn reflection on personal finance and beyond algebra
    ▢ read THoM pp. 799-806 loan
    class: loan 1, Excel file
    3 Sep - Tues hw due:
    ASULearn lump and periodic practice
    ASULearn Jane and Joan practice
    class: decisions and lottery, Excel file

    29 Aug - Thur hw due:
    ▢ lab
    ASULearn real-life rates
    ▢ read THoM pp. 797-799 periodic payment earnings
    class: lab review, periodic payments, lump & periodic
    26 Aug - Mon hw due:
    ▢ rent the hardcover The Heart of Mathematics
    ASULearn Benjamin Franklin reading
    ▢ read THoM pp. 793-796 lump sum earnings
    lab: Benjamin Franklin's financial legacy, benf1.xls

    22 Aug - Thur hw due:
    ASULearn lump sum practice
    ASULearn add a profile picture
    class: earnings
    20 Aug - Tues hw due:
    ▢ obtain a stand alone scientific calculator (with a yx, xy, or ^ key on it)
    ▢ lab from Monday
    ASULearn percent practice
    ASULearn what is mathematics?
    class: lump sum earnings, handout
    19 Aug - Mon lab: intro, engagement, doubling money at today's rate: an introduction to Excel