3-d Homer Simpson Writing Assignment

Author: Dr. Sarah J. Greenwald
Math and Hollywood Segment of 1010

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In The Simpsons segment 3-d Homer from Treehouse of Horror VI (episode 3F04 airing 10/30/95), Homer Simpson goes from 2-d into 3-d.

This writing assignment is due Tuesday (I'll hand them back to you Wednesday, and you can turn in revisions anytime before the final exam.) Each person turns in their own assignment.

1) Write a letter from Homer Simpson to his family which discusses his change from 2-d into 3-d. Be sure to include mathematical explanations in Homer's words (as opposed to Professor Frink's words), in addition to physical descriptions.

2) Pretend that Homer Simpson and family had been 3-d all along and that he changed into 4-d (length, width, height and some other physical dimension, call it w). In many respects, the Simpsons represent a 3-d world. For example, when the Simpsons pass one another, they don't jump over each other as the 2-d creatures do in The Shape of Space video. Write a letter from Homer to his family discussing his jump from 3-d into 4-d. Use your imagination for physical descriptions.

3) Briefly summarize some of the similarities and differences in your two letters.