Tues May 28 face-to-face Walker 310 at 10:20-12:30
class activities and slides:
intro, begin personal finance and beyond, introduction to Excel, file
move to the lab to work on doubling money at today's rate: an introduction to Excel
introduction to the course activities, grading policies...

handout packet for some of the asynchronous work in personal finance and beyond
See ASULearn and item 1 below for the complete set of activities in this segment
1. personal finance and beyond schedule, assignment types, grades, and using feedback
2. Benjamin Franklin's Financial Legacy hand in
3. lump earnings think-pair-share
4. lottery hand in
5. lump & periodic think-pair-share
6. condo decisions hand in
7. loan think-pair-share
8. car decisions hand in
9. review problems think-pair-share
10. partial sample exam