WebCT Review

Under the apple, under internet, start up Netscape and go to the class web pages. From the class highlights page, click on any of the WebCT underlined links, OR directly type in
(Note this address for when you want to go directly to WebCT if the mathsci page is down.)
Log-on to WebCT.
Click on the Bulletin Board link. Remember if you have math questions and can't make it to office hours, this is the place to post and read other's messages.
Click on the blue underlined Home, on the top left of WebCT.
Click on General Tools and Other Links.
Click on View Your Marks and Course Record. Looks to see how many credit hour absences you have as of last week. Look also at your course grades so far.
Click on the WebCT Home Button and then Click on the Calendar and look at some of the upcoming due dates and Extra office hours.
Click on WebCT Home
Click on Dr. Sarah's Office Hours
From the Office Hours Page, Click on the Math 1010 link at the bottom.

Jane and Joan Extra Credit

Click on Joan and Jane Extra Credit. Click on this excel file. You will see some symbols. Under File, release on Save As... and then click Save to save the file as joanandjane.xls. Under the apple, under Math 1010 Apps, release on Microsoft Excel. Under File, release on Open, and then click on joanandjane.xls and Open it. You will see a chart that has numbers and words filled in.

Click on each number, and look at the formula up to next to the equals sign, and make sure you understand it (compare it to your Jane and Joan sheet which I'm handing back to you). Notice that instead of putting in .08 for the rate, I referred to the box D2, which is where I put the rate of .08.

We know that at 8% interest, Joan comes out way ahead (see box E2 for the exact amount) by saving early, even though she put a lot less money in (she only put in money for 10 years while Jane saved for 34 years!).

For extra credit, I asked what rate would result in equal amounts of money for Joan and Jane. Some of you guessed and checked rates, but found this to be a painful process. We'll have excel solve for this interest rate.

Click on the box E2.
Under Tools, release the mouse on goal seek...
Put the following values in:
Set cell: E2
To value: 0
By changing: D2
What we are asking Excel to do is to change the rate (D2) so that Joan's Savings - Jane's Savings (E2) is equal to 0. In other words, we are asking for the rate so that Jane's savings is equal to Joan's savings.
Click on Ok.
Excel will work and then give you an answer. It uses scientific notation - blahE -5 means blah*10^(-5), ie .00000blah. Click on OK.
D2 now has the rate which makes A2=C2 (ie Jane's savings at 65 = Joan's savings at 65).