Dr. Sarah's Math 1010 for Watauga College and Teaching Fellows - 2007

  • Dr. Sarah's Office Hours Effective March 24th (and internet allowing) I'm initiating targeted (optional) Zoom office hours during your regular class time. Zoom on Monday at 8pm will remain an open Zoom for all my classes at once. We will be using a flipped asynchronous model, which I am working on.
  • Campus Pipeline (WebCT) Direct WebCT link if pipeline is down
  • Syllabus and Grading Policies
  • Class highlights If you miss a class, then pick up handouts from my door and make up the work before the next class.
  • Jump down to tomorrow's homework which is located above the red lines

    DUE Date

        WORK DUE at the beginning of class or lab unless otherwise noted. Turn in work that meets the criterion in Presenting Homework and Projects
    **** means that the assignment will receive a numerical grade.
    Apr 30 - Mon
  • ****Final Project**** from 3-5:30 in 314. A separate piece of paper with an annotated list of references is also due.
  • extra credit opportunities
  • __________ ________________________________________________________________________
    __________ ________________________________________________________________________
    Apr 24 - Tues
  • Abstract and Preliminary Bibliography due as a posting to the WebCT bulletin board (NOT email!) by 2pm as a message or attachment that I can read and post to the main web page (text, Word, rtf). You should also be prepared to present your abstract orally in class.
  • ****Project 6: Personal Reflection****
  • Apr 23 - Mon
  • Bring your stock packet to lab.
  • Your final project topic must be pre-approved by Dr. Sarah by 6:30pm.
  • Apr 19 - Thur
  • ****Test 3**** study guide
  • WebCT quiz retake period ends.
  • Apr 17 - Tues
  • ****Project 5: Recent Statistics in the Media ****
  • Take a try of the WebCT quiz and write down any questions you have on it or for the test on a sheet of paper to turn in.
  • Apr 12 - Thur
  • Come to class prepared to share something from each of the following Heart of Math readings
    1) p. 57 "a look back"
    2) p. 571-572 and p. 576-580
    3) p. 585-587 and "a look back" on p. 600
    4) p. 613-615 and p. 620-623
    5) p. 645-658
  • Begin working on Project 5 for next week
  • Apr 5 - Thur
  • Begin working on the Heart of Math readings for next week.
  • ****Project 4: Ben Franklin's Legacy****
    Ben Franklin's Will - News Article Web Readings
    Ben Franklin's Will - Project 3
    Self-Evaluation Checklist for the Ben Franklin Report
  • Apr 3 - Tues
  • Test 2 revisions of the first 3 pages only (this is a homework assignment and you will receive extra points added onto your test if your revisions are correct).
  • Apr 2 - Mon
  • Read the linear regression reading for lab
  • Bring the stock packet to lab
  • If you didn't finish up the worksheet from class, be sure to do so, along with HDYK 3.4 #15 parts b) and c)
  • Mar 29 - Thur
  • Use the info on p. 295 of HDYK to sketch the boxplots and answer part a) of 3.3 #25.
  • Mar 27 - Tues
  • Come to class prepared to discuss HDYK p. 166 section 3.3 #6 on measures of center
  • Mar 26 - Mon
  • Work on Ben F
  • Bring your stock market sheet filled to the "Stop here for now!!" part (we did this in lab), and your graph stapled to it, and be sure your stock Excel file is on WebCT (use show all).
  • Check your credit hours of absences and compare with the syllabus policy.
  • Mar 22 - Thur
  • ****Test 2**** study guide
  • Mar 20 - Tues
  • HDYK Exercise Set 1.2 #9, 14, 21, 24 and Exercise Set 1.3 #8, 11
  • If we can afford to save $100 per month for a $50,000 car, in an account compounding monthly at 8%, then how long will it take to save up? Setup the formula for the problem but do not solve. If I told you that the answer was approximately 18.38 years would that make sense? Why?
  • What will our monthly payment be if we take out a car loan at 8% compounded monthly for $50,000 for 18.38 years? What is the interest paid over the life of the loan?
  • Use the Sept 2000 interest rate of 8.25% compounded monthly for the 105265 condo with a loan of 80%. What is the monthly payment? What is the 1st months interest? What is the total interest over the life of the loan? Compare to the chart on the condo lab.
  • Real life rates - Collect information that you receive in the mail, search on the web and/or go to a bank to find real interest rates on...
            savings,                                                 checking accounts,
            cds (certificate of deposit),                     credit card rates,
            student loan rates,                                   house loan (mortgage) rates,
            and car loan rates.
    Write up your findings and be sure to include the source of each rate.

  • Mar 19 - Mon
  • Finish condo project hw
  • Work on Ben Franklin project, real-life rates or other homework for Tues, and review for test via the WebCT quiz.
  • Mar 8 - Thur
  • Web Problem Be sure that you show work on a piece of paper for how each calculation is completed (you may wish to review class notes and HDYK p. 24-27). Also note that row 0 of the table at the bottom is not supposed to be filled in - fill in the equations to obtain the answers in rows 1 and 2. Try different web browsers if yours doesn't work
  • Take try 1 of WebCT quiz
  • While on WebCT look at your absences and compare with the grading policy listed in the syllabus.
  • Mar 6 - Tues
  • Exercise Set 1.2 # 8 and 10
  • Skim p. 24-27 in HDYK
  • Mar 5 - Mon
  • You will need your card to print in lab.
  • Complete the ** parts of the class data collection sheet
  • Complete the stock market hw
  • Mar 1 - Thur
  • Jane and Joan
  • Put in $37 each month for 2 years, at 12.99% compounded monthly. Compare this with putting in $37 and leaving it there for 2 years, at 12.99% compounded monthly. What is the total amount that you will end up with in each case? How much of that is interest ($) in each case?
  • Feb 27 - Tues
  • Carefully read HDYK p. 11-13 (the answer to You Try It 2.3 is on page 275)
  • Feb 26 - Mon
  • Read Ben Franklin's Will - Web Reading for Lab
  • Complete HDYK Exercise Set 1.2 #1 and 2 and be prepared to turn this in (show work!)
  • Feb 22 - Thur
  • Complete HDYK Exercise Set 1.1 # 1, 13, 16, 17, 20 and be prepared to turn this in (show work!)
  • Feb 12 - 19
  • ****Project 3: What is a Mathematician?**** assignment   web references   PowerPoint tips
  • Feb 19 - Mon
  • By 3pm Hunt, Morgan, and Daubechies PowerPoint are due to the WebCT bulletin board (NOT email) as Mathematicianlastname.ppt.
  • Begin working on Project 6
  • Feb 15 - Thur
  • By 12:15pm, PowerPoint presentations for Blackwell, Granville, Rudin are due to the WebCT bulletin board (NOT email) as Mathematicianlastname.ppt.
  • Read Friend or Foe and think about how you would play that game.
  • Complete the Sum of Two Cubes worksheet
  • Feb 13 - Tues
  • By 12:15pm, PowerPoint presentations for Ramanujan and Erdos are due to the WebCT bulletin board (NOT email) as Mathematicianlastname.ppt.
  • Read Heart of Mathematics: An Invitation to effective thinking, by Burger and Starbird. p. 8-9, 21-22, 162-168.
  • Play Java Hexi
  • Feb 12 - Mon
  • ****Project 3: What is a Mathematician?**** assignment   web references   PowerPoint tips
  • By 3pm, PowerPoint presentations for Fuller, Agnesi, Gauss, Germain, and Cantor are due to the WebCT bulletin board (NOT email) as Mathematicianlastname.ppt.
  • Begin working on homework for Tuesday
  • Feb 8 - Thur
  • Preliminary bullet points writeup for mathematician project (1 per group). Use your paper references and the web references to create bullet points for Influences, Support, Barriers and Diversity Issues, and Mathematical Style, as in points 11-16 in the presentation checklist.
  • Feb 5 - Mon
  • Bring your scientific calculator to lab and class from now on.
  • Come to lab prepared to discuss the following readings:
    What is Mathematics?
    Creative Inquiry
  • Search the web to find a short quote (other than those in the above reading) about what mathematics is, and bring the quote and person's name to class.
  • Remove your notes from the geometry segment and leave them at home.
  • Feb 1 - Thur
  • ****Test 1**** study guide
  • WebCT quiz 1 and 2 retake opportunities are no longer available after the test begins
  • Jan 29 - Mon
  • Come to class prepared to share something from the following readings:
    Heart of Math p. 307-319
    Shape of the Universe
    News Articles
  • Jan 25 - Thur Come to class prepared to discuss the following:
    Heart of Math Reading p. 289-299.
    Jeff Weeks worksheet
    Try WebCT quiz 1.
    Jan 23 - Tues
  • ****Project 2: Earth and Universe****
    Bring 1 child's ball per group (that you won't mind drawing on).
  • Jan 22 - Mon
  • Come to lab prepared to share something from the 2D Universes readings
  • Send a posting to Dr. Sarah on the WebCT bulletin board for you and I to update her on your group's progress (include your partner's names) and include any particularly useful web addresses. She will respond with other suggestions for web searches/experiments.
  • Jan 18 - Thur
  • Get a scientific calculator (with a yx, xy, or ^ key on it), a 3-ring binder notebook, and a hole puncher.
  • Get the How Do You Know? book from the Mat 1010 section of the bookstore.
  • Get the Heart of Math book by showing your syllabus in the IDS section of the bookstore.
  • Jan 16 - Tues
  • ****Project 1**** due
  • Jan 11 - Thur
  • Come to class prepared to discuss the Perspective Drawing and Round Earth web readings.
  • Continue working on Project 1.
  • Jan 9 - Tues
  • Read through the Syllabus accessible online at
    http://www.mathsci.appstate.edu/~sjg/class/1010/s07.html and come prepared to share something you read.