Dr. Sarah's Math 1010 for Watauga College and Teaching Fellows - Spring 2008

  • Dr. Sarah's Office Hours as usual Effective March 24th (and internet allowing) I'm initiating targeted (optional) Zoom office hours during your regular class time. Zoom on Monday at 8pm will remain an open Zoom for all my classes at once. We will be using a flipped asynchronous model, which I am working on.
  • ASULearn Post questions, check grades, study questions,...
  • Syllabus and Grading Policies
  • Class highlights If you miss a class, then pick up handouts from my door and make up the work before the next class.
  • Jump down to tomorrow's homework which is located above the red lines

    DUE Date

        WORK DUE at the beginning of class or lab unless otherwise noted. Turn in work that meets the criterion in Presenting Homework and Projects
    **** means that the assignment will receive a numerical grade.
    2 May - Fri
  • ****Final Project**** from 3-5:30. Be sure that your poster (one per group) is facing so that it is taller than it is wider and is at most 2 feet wide. Bring your own beverage. If you want to bring something to share, feel free - Dr. Sarah will provide some snacks. peer review, self evaluation
  • Extra credit due.
  • 29 Apr - Tues
  • Your final project topic needs to be approved via messaging on ASULearn (1st come first serve)
  • Abstract and Preliminary Bibliography due as a posting to ASULearn (NOT email!) by 2pm as a message or Personal Storage Space attachment that I can read (text, Word, rtf).
  • Prepare to present your abstract orally in class.
  • ****Project 6: Personal Reflection**** Also prepare to share something from each of the What is Mathematics readings

    Dyscalculia: Maggie McKinney and Elisabeth Stemen
    Economic Models: Sommer Barnes and Cody Blevins
    History of Infinity: Sandra Byrd
    History of Pi: Sarah Brower
    History of Zero: Morgan Bosse and Danielle Mack
    Mathetmatics and Body Weight/Nutrition: Cara Pittman
    Mathematics and Cameras and Photography [Lighting Ratios, etc]: Dana Moyer
    Mathematics and the Environment: Stephen Fogleman and Lillian Cherry
    Mathematics of Medical Imaging: Andrew Goodnight
    Mathematics and Mount Everest: Sean Leary
    Mathematics and Music: Katy Conroy and Meg Hanna
    Mathematics and Popular Culture: Allison Horton and Rachel Allen
    Mathematics and Psychology: Donlee Likins
    Mathematics in Rockclimbing: Lauren Lilley
    Mathematics and Skydiving: Kayla Moose
    Mathematics and Space: Deidra Beckey and Cat Hardwick
    Mathematics and Sports: Gabriela Dickey and Joel McGhee
    Mathematics and Theatre and Dance: Kerry Dunlap
    Symmetry: Martha Routh
    Vedic Mathematics: Colleen Croghan and Lauren Fabri
    Visualization: Arden Piacenza and Ginny Kirk Andrews

  • __________ ________________________________________________________________________
    __________ ________________________________________________________________________
    28 Apr - Mon
  • Work on hw for Tuesday.
  • Bring your stock packet to lab.
  • 24 Apr - Thur
  • ****Test 3**** study guide
  • Test 2 revisions due for a possible extra +3. Turn in your original test along with revisions.
  • ASULearn Material Review Quiz is no longer available after the test.
  • 22 Apr - Tues
  • Study for Test 3 via the study guide and write down any questions that you have.
  • 21 Apr - Mon
  • ****Project 5: Recent Statistics in the Media **** Use the information within the classroom homework readings from Thursday April 17, Tuesday April 8, and Monday April 7 in your project.
  • Bring your previous statistics labs with you.
  • 17 Apr - Thur
  • Come to class prepared to share something from each of the following Heart of Mathematics readings
    1) p. 57 "a look back"
    2) p. 571-572 and p. 576-580
    3) p. 585-587 and "a look back" on p. 600
    4) p. 613-615 and p. 620-623
    5) p. 645-658
  • Use this information to continue to work on Project 5 for next week
  • 15 Apr - Tues
  • Begin working on the hw readings for Thursday as well as Project 5 due Monday.
  • 14 Apr - Mon
  • Bring Heart of Mathematics and the partially filled in stock market sheet to lab.
  • Read the linear regression reading for lab
  • If you didn't finish up the worksheet from class, be sure to do so, along with How Do You Know Chapter 3 Section 4 #15 parts b) and c)
  • 10 Apr - Thur
  • Complete How Do You Know p. 169 Chapter 3 Section 3 # 25 part b, by using the following lo, q1, median, q3, and hi to sketch the boxplots and then answer part b:
    ABC [13.5, 14.4, 16.6, 17.2, 20.2]
    CBS [13.1, 15.5, 16.35, 17.3, 21.9]
    NBC [13.1, 13.6, 14.5, 15.0, 17.6]
  • Bring How Do You Know to class
  • 8 Apr - Tues
  • Come to class prepared to discuss How Do You Know p. 166 section Chapter 3 Section 3 #6 on measures of center
  • Skim section Chapter 3 Section 1, p. 121 - 130 of How Do You Know and write down something to share with the class.
  • 7 Apr - Mon
  • Bring your stock market sheet filled to the "Stop here for now!!" part (we did this in lab), and your graph stapled to it, and be sure your stock Excel file is on ASULearn.
  • Skim Chapter 3 Section 3 p. 156 - 163 of How Do You Know and write down any questions you have.
  • 3 Apr - Thur
  • ****Project 4: Ben Franklin's Legacy****
    Ben Franklin's Will - News Article Web Readings
    Ben Franklin's Will - Project 4
    Self-Evaluation Checklist for the Ben Franklin Report
  • 1 Apr - Tues
  • Bring your draft of the Ben Franklin Report to class - if you have a laptop, it suffices to bring it on there.
  • If you missed lab on Monday, your class data questionaire needs to be completed by today.
  • 31 Mar - Mon
  • These are needed in lab:
    ASULearn Anonymous Class Data Collection Questions 1-10.
    stock market hw
    You will need to print 1 graph in lab - be sure that you have money on your card.
  • 27 Mar - Thur
  • ****Test 2**** study guide.
  • ASULearn Material Review Questions for Test 2 is no longer available after the test.
  • 26 Mar - Wed
  • Lisa will hold a review session starting at 5:30pm, as part of her apprenticeship, in our usual classroom.
  • 20 Mar - Thur
  • Take a try of the ASULearn Material Review Questions for Test 2 and write down any questions that you have.
  • Look at the Test 2 study guide and write down any questions that you have.
  • If you did not finish items 1-6 in class on Tuesday, be sure that you do for homework. Be prepared to present your work.
  • 18 Mar - Tues
  • Collect information that you receive in the mail, search on the web and/or go to a bank to find recent interest rates on...
            savings,                                                 checking accounts,
            cds (certificate of deposit),                     credit card rates,
            student loan rates,                                   house loan (mortgage) rates,
            and car loan rates.
  • Write up your findings and be sure to include the source of each rate.
  • 17 Mar - Mon
  • Complete ASULearn Car Loan Practice Problem. Keep track of your answers and calculations on a sheet of paper to turn in - (if you scroll over an answer box after you submit it, you will receive feedback and hints, and you can resubmit the correct answers online).
  • Complete the condo homework [the first 1.5 pages].
  • Work on the Ben Franklin project, real-life rates, or other upcoming homework.
  • 6 Mar - Thur
  • How Do You Know? p. 21 Exercise Set 1.2 numbers 8 and 10.
  • Skim p. 24-27 in How Do You Know?
  • Search the web for information about the currency or money that exists in the US and also how much personal or consumer debt or loans there are. How about for the entire world? How about for North Carolina?
  • 4 Mar - Tues
  • Jane and Joan
  • Put in $37 each month for 2 years, at 12.99% compounded monthly. Compare this with putting in $37 and leaving it there for 2 years, at 12.99% compounded monthly. What is the total amount that you will end up with in each case? How much of that is interest ($) in each case?
  • Bring How do you Know to class.
  • 3 Mar - Mon
  • Read Ben Franklin's Will - Web Reading for Lab
  • How Do You Know? p. 21 Exercise Set 1.2 numbers 1 and 2.
  • Feb 28 - Thur
  • Carefully read How Do You Know? p. 11-13 (the answer to You Try It 2.3 is on page 275)
  • Feb 26 - Tues
  • How Do You Know? p. 6 1.1 # 1, 13, 16, 17, 20.
  • Feb 25 - Mon
  • Bring How Do You Know? to lab.
  • Feb 18 - 25
  • ****Project 3: What is a Mathematician? ****
  • Prepare to present on Monday the 18th:
    Leonardo DaVinci (1452-1519) by Katy, Meg, and Steve
    Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) by Elisabeth, Maggie, and Martha
    Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887-1920) by Lillian and Sommer
  • Prepare to present on Tuesday the 19th:
    David Blackwell (1919 - ) by Cara, Dana, Donlee, and Kelly
    Mary Ellen Rudin (1924 - ) by Andrew, Joel, and Lauren Lilley
    John Nash (1928 - ) by Allison, Lauren Fabri, and Rachel
  • Prepare to present on Thursday the 21st:
    Stephen Hawking (1942 - ) by Cat, Colleen, Deidra, and Sandi
    Karen Uhlenbeck (1942 - ) by Arden, Ginny Kirk, and Kayla
  • Prepare to present on Monday the 25th:
    Danica McKeller (1975 - ) by Danielle, Gabriela, Morgan, and Sarah
    Terrence Tao (1975 - ) by Cody, Kerry, and Sean
  • Feb 14 - Thur
  • If you have a laptop, bring it to class.
  • Bring test 1 to class.
  • Preliminary bullet points writeup for mathematician project (1 per group). Create bullet points for Influences, Support, Barriers and Diversity Issues, and Mathematical Style, as in points 12-17 in the presentation checklist.
  • Feb 12 - Tues
  • If you have a laptop, bring it to class.
  • Search the web to find a short quote about what mathematics is, and bring the quote and the person's name to class.
  • Feb 11 - Mon
  • Read the following about creative inquiry
  • Work on Project 3 in terms of the choice of mathematician and group partners and be sure that you have your group and mathematician approved by 6:30pm (only 1 mathematician per group - first-come-first-served on ASULearn). Everyone must work in a group of 2-4 people.
  • Feb 7 - Thur
  • ****Test 1**** study guide
  • ASULearn Material Review Quiz is no longer available after the test.
  • Feb 5 - Tues
  • Continue reviewing for test 1 and write down any questions you have.
  • Feb 4 - Mon
  • Come to lab prepared to share something from each of the following readings:
    Heart of Mathematics p. 307-319.
    News Articles
  • Begin reviewing for Test 1 via the study guide. The ASULearn Material Review Quiz will be available Monday at the end of lab.
  • Jan 31 - Thur
  • Come to class prepared to share something from each of the following readings:
    Heart of Mathematics p. 289-299.
    Shape of the Universe
    Jeff Weeks Interview
  • Jan 29 - Tues
  • ****Project 2: Earth and Universe****
    Bring 1 child's ball per group (that you won't mind drawing on).
  • Jan 28 - Mon
  • Come to lab prepared to share something from the 2D Universes readings
  • Jan 24 - Thur
  • Obtain a scientific calculator (with a yx, xy, or ^ key on it), a 3-ring binder notebook, and a hole puncher.
  • Obtain 2 books from the bookstore: purchase the How Do You Know? workbook and obtain the hardcover rental Heart of Math book by showing your class schedule.
  • Jan 22 - Tues
  • ****Project 1**** due by 3:45 pm
  • If you have a laptop, bring it to class.
  • Jan 17 - Thur
  • Come to class prepared to discuss the Perspective Drawing and Round Earth web readings.
  • If you have a laptop bring it to class.
  • Continue working on Project 1.
  • Jan 15 - Tues
  • Read through the Syllabus accessible at this link online from the main web page. Search google for Dr. Sarah, click on her page, and click on the MAT 1010 link and then the Syllabus link. Come prepared to share something you read and write down any questions you have - the university considers this a binding contract between us.
  • Begin working on Project 1.