Dr. Sarah's Math 1010 for Watauga Global Community - Spring 2010

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  • Syllabus and Grading Policies
  • Class highlights If you miss a class, then pick up handouts from my door and make up the work before the next class.
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    DUE Date

        WORK DUE at the beginning of class or lab unless otherwise noted. Turn in work that meets the criterion in Presenting Homework and Projects
    **** means that the assignment will receive a numerical grade while the other assignments are counted in the participation grade.
    1 May - Sat
  • ****Final Project Research Presentations **** from 12-2:30
  • Extra Credit Opportunities
  • 27 Apr - Tues
  • Prepare to orally present your final project abstract (like a commercial or advertisement for your project) in 1-2 minutes. Be sure that your topic has been pre-approved as a message on ASULearn.
    Arabic Mathematics: Jordan Smith
    Mathematics and Cryptology: Joseph Cress and Ren Brady
    Mathematics of the Egyptian Pyramids: Alex Walls
    Mathematics and Astrology/Constellations: Alex Ward and Kristina Beggen
    Mathematics in Architecture: Carly Roos and Taylor Elkins
    Sundials: Samantha Haney
    Women in Mathematics: Katherine Lochbaum, Samantha Rayman, and Stephanie Matson
    Mathematics and Weaving: Hannah Ferrara
    Mathematics and Music Theory: Claire and Sarah Ewald

    BioMathematics: Ridge and Susan
    Nutrition: Lauren
    Perspective: Leah and Mary-Faith
    Sound Waves: Thomas
    Golden Ratio: Justin H. and Allen
    Battlefield: Justin B and Cory
    Egyptian Mathematics: Kai and Holly
    Abacus: Emily
  • __________ ________________________________________________________________________
    __________ ________________________________________________________________________
    26 Apr - Mon
  • ****Project 5: Personal Reflection****
  • Bring your stock purchase information to lab.
  • 22 Apr - Thur
  • Begin working on project 5 and the final project.
  • 20 Apr - Tues
  • Travis will be in the library room 210 from 10:15-11:45 to offer a review session. I have office hours as usual from 11:50-12:30.
  • ****Test 3**** study guide
  • Turn in test 2 and revisions for a possible +2.
  • 15 Apr - Thur
  • ****Project 4: Critiques of Recent Media ****
  • 13 Apr - Tues
  • If you didn't finish the lab, complete it for homework.
  • Read Exposure to letters A or F can affect test performance
  • Continue working on Project 4.
  • 12 Apr - Mon
  • How Do You Know 3.4 #15 parts b) and c).
  • "Purchase" the same stock you used in your stock graph.
  • Read the stock regression
  • Continue to bring your stock graph with you to class and lab.
  • Begin working on Project 4.
  • 8 Apr - Thur
  • ASULearn message me or write down (to turn in) an analysis and critique (informal bullet points are fine) of the information in these articles on the impact of young voters by referring to specific content and page numbers in both books from our homework readings on Mar 25, Mar 29, Mar 30, and/or Apr 1. (see the assigned readings below).
  • 1 Apr - Thur
  • ASULearn message me or write down (to turn in) something you found interesting, had a question on, or disagreed with from each of the following 5 sections (informal bullet points are fine) in Heart of Mathematics
    1) p. 57 "a look back"
    2) p. 571-572 and p. 576-580
    3) p. 585-587 and "a look back" on p. 600
    4) p. 613-615 and p. 620-623
    5) p. 645-658
  • 30 Mar - Tues
  • Complete the lab.
  • Come to class prepared to discuss How Do You Know p. 166 section Chapter 3 Section 3 #6 on measures of center
  • Read about boxplots in How Do You Know and use the following lo, q1, median, q3, and hi to sketch three boxplots on the same graph.
    ABC [13.5, 14.4, 16.6, 17.2, 20.2]
    CBS [13.1, 15.5, 16.35, 17.3, 21.9]
    NBC [13.1, 13.6, 14.5, 15.0, 17.6]
    Which network does the best? The worst? Explain.
  • 29 Mar - Mon
  • Skim section Chapter 3 Section 1, p. 121 - 130 of How Do You Know and write down something you found interesting or had a question on.
  • Skim Chapter 3 Section 3, p. 156 - 163 of How Do You Know and write down any questions you have.
  • Read MSFT conflicting graph viewpoints.
  • Bring your stock market graph with you to lab. We will use this graph and your Excel file that you sent to yourself. (If you didn't attend lab, then do this for homework).
  • 25 Mar - Thur
  • Read section 1.5 in the How Do You Know? book to gain some familiarity with personal investments and stock information.
  • Read Heart of Mathematics p. 543-544 (How to Get Rich Quick as a Stock Whiz).
  • Message me on ASULearn or write down to turn in 2 items that you found interesting, that surprised you, or that you disagreed with.
  • Bring your stock graph from Monday's lab with you to class.
  • 23 Mar - Tues
  • ****Test 2**** study guide
  • 22 Mar - Mon
  • You will need money on your card to print 1 sheet from lab.
  • Find the stock symbols of 3 companies that are actively traded and that you are interested in "buying" - for example, you might search
    finance.yahoo.com/l for stocks with certain names (note that the search features are not very user friendly)    (that last letter is the letter "l" not the number 1)
    or www.google.com for
    "stock symbol" "COMPANY NAME"
    where COMPANY NAME is the name of the company that you are interested in.
  • Continue practicing for Test 2.
  • 18 Mar - Thur
  • ****Project 3: Benjamin Franklin's Legacy****
    Benjamin Franklin News Article Web Readings
    Benjamin Franklin's Legacy - Project 3
    Self-Evaluation Checklist for the Project
  • Look at the study guide for test 2 and write down any questions that you have.
  • Bring How Do You Know to class.
  • 16 Mar - Tues
  • To turn in:
    How Do You Know Exercise Set 1.2 #9, 14, 21, and 24 and Exercise Set 1.3 # 8, 10
    Take a try of the ASULearn Material Review Questions for Test 2 and write down any questions that you have.
    Continue working on Project 3
  • 15 Mar - Mon
  • Complete ASULearn Car Loan Practice Problem. Keep track of your answers and calculations on a sheet of paper to turn in - (if you scroll over an answer box after you submit it, you will receive feedback and hints, and you can resubmit the correct answers online).
  • Click on this Kelly Blue Book link. Click on the New Car tab on the top of the page, and then follow the directions to choose a model, a make, and a year, and then click on the pricing link of the car you want to "purchase" in lab. You might also need to select a trim or other options and enter a zip code (28608 or your home zip code will do). Scroll down the cars pricing report page to find info on the Base Price and Destination Charge, like
                                  Invoice               MSRP                 New Car Blue Book Value
    Base Price             $18,123.00         $18,995.00         $19,592.00
    Destination Charge     695.00                 695.00         Incl.
    Write down the pricing info for your car, as well as the info for your car - make, model, year.
  • Read p. 36-37 in How Do You Know? on debt to income ratio and bring your workbook to lab.
  • Begin working on homework for Tuesday.
  • 4 Mar - Thur
  • Skim p. 24-27 in How Do You Know? on loans and amortization.
  • Search the web for information about personal or consumer debt or loans in the US. How about for the entire world? How about for North Carolina? Also search for information about the federal deficit. Report back on what you found.
  • Read through Project 3 and write down any questions.
  • Work on $37 savings. Show work to determine that the interest is $119.84 and $10.91 respectively.
  • If you didn't turn in the lab on Monday, bring the completed version with you.
  • 2 Mar - Tues
  • Complete the Jane and Joan assignment on ASULearn. I must go in manually to update the formula questions, but you will know if your work is correct because I provided the answers in the questions.
  • Complete the Benjamin Franklin Lab in you did not already turn it in.
  • 1 Mar - Mon
  • To turn in: How Do You Know? p. 21 Exercise Set 1.2 numbers 1 and 2.
  • Read Ben Franklin's Plan - Web Reading for Lab
  • 25 Feb - Thur
  • Carefully read How Do You Know? p. 11-13 (the answer to You Try It 2.3 is on page 275).
  • Talk to your friends or relatives, collect information that you receive in the mail, search on the web and/or go to a bank to find recent interest rates on...
            savings,                                                 checking accounts,
            cds (certificate of deposit),                     credit card rates,
            student loan rates,                                   house loan (mortgage) rates,
            and car loan rates.
  • Summarize your findings and be sure to list the source of each rate.
  • 23 Feb - Tues
  • Bring your scientific calculator to all labs and classes during the personal finance segment.
  • 22 Feb - Mon
  • Practice Problems (to turn in): How Do You Know? page 6 in section 1.1 # 1, 13, 16, 17, 20. In order to save paper, I recommend writing in the workbook.
  • 15 Feb - 18 Feb
  • ****Project 2: What is a Mathematician? ****
    Leonardo Fibonacci (1170-1250): Allen and Alex Ward
    Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519): Alex Walls, Hannah Ferrara, and Thomas
    Rene Descartes (1596-1650): Joseph, Lauren and Ren
    Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727): Andrew, Jordan, Justin H
    Leonhard Euler (1707-1783): Leah and Mary-Faith
    Sophie Germain (1776-1831): Katherine, Samantha R, and Stephanie
    Florence Nightingale (1820-1910): Thomas and ?
    Bernhard Riemann (1826-1866): Kristina, Ridge and Susan
    Paul Erdos (1913-1996): Emily
    Evelyn Boyd Granville (1924-): Carly, Cory, Justin Biggs and Taylor
    Stephen Hawking (1942-): Holly and Kai
    Bill Gates (1955-): Claire, Sarah and Samantha Haney
  • 11 Feb - Thur
  • Prepare to tell us the name of your (approved) mathematician and why you chose them.
  • Look for my ASULearn message to you that contains references for your mathematician. Use my references and others you find to find quotations and information related to the themes and questions listed on Project 2. Bring in your answers so that I can give you feedback.
  • 9 Feb - Tues
  • Search the web to find a few short quotes about what mathematics is, and bring the quotations and the names of the people they are attributed to - prepare to present these in class and tell us why you chose those quotations.
  • You will regularly need your calculator in class and lab for the rest of the semester. You may leave your geometry notes at home.
  • Your group and mathematician for Project 2 must be approved on ASULearn by the end of the day (only 1 mathematician per group - first-come-first-served on ASULearn). Everyone must work in a group of 2-4 people on this assignment.
  • If you did not finish filling out The Proof in lab, then turn this in by the beginning of class.
  • 8 Feb - Mon
  • Read the following about creative inquiry
  • I will bring this handout for you, but skim The Proof so that you know what questions to answer while we are watching the video (which will begin promptly at 5pm since it is exatly 50 minutes long).
  • Work on homework for Tuesday.
  • 4 Feb - Thur
  • ****Test 1**** study guide.
  • Take a try of the ASULearn material review, which counts as participation.
  • 2 Feb - Tues
  • Examine the study guide for the test. Recall that the advice from last semester's students was to know everything on the study guide.
  • Take a try of ASULearn Material Review Quiz [participation requires at least one try of the quiz, but the specific grade does not matter - it is only there to provide you with feedback.]
  • Message me on ASULearn or write down at least one question or comment related to the study guide or the quiz.
  • If you did not finish the universe lab, then complete it and turn it in at the beginning of class.
  • 1 Feb - Mon
  • Read through the following reading and message me on ASULearn or write down (to turn in) two items that you found interesting, disagreed with, had a question on, or wished had been done:
    Heart of Mathematics p. 307-319.
  • Begin reviewing for Test 1 via the study guide. The ASULearn Material Review Quiz will be available by Monday at the end of lab.
  • 28 Jan - Thur
  • Read through the following readings and message me on ASULearn or write down (to turn in) two items that you found interesting, disagreed with, had a question on, or wished had been done:
    Heart of Mathematics p. 289-299.
    Shape of the Universe
    Jeff Weeks Interview
  • 26 Jan - Tues
  • ****Project 1: Earth and Universe - Annotated Bibliography****
  • If you did not finish the 2D Universes Lab then complete it and this is due at the beginning of class.
    Bring a 10-12 inch diameter child's ball - these are usually found in bins in stores and cost a couple of dollars. Be sure that this ball is smooth, can bounce, and that you won't mind writing on it during class.
  • 25 Jan - Mon
  • Read through the 2D Universes Readings and message me on ASULearn or write down (to turn in) two items that you found interesting, disagreed with, had a question on, or wished had been done.
  • 21 Jan - Thur
  • Obtain a scientific calculator (with a yx, xy, or ^ key on it), a 3-ring binder notebook, and a hole puncher.
  • Obtain 2 books from the bookstore: purchase the How Do You Know? workbook and obtain the hardcover rental Heart of Math book by showing your class schedule.
  • Begin working on Project 1 under the due date of Jan 26.
  • 19 Jan - Tues
  • Mathematical Experiences Reflections (To turn in)
  • 14 Jan - Thur
  • Come to class prepared to share from and discuss the Perspective drawing web reading.
  • 12 Jan - Tues
  • Read through the Syllabus which is online - search google for Dr. Sarah, click on my page, and click on the MAT 1010 link and then the Syllabus link. Come prepared to share something you read and write down any questions you have - the university considers this a binding contract between us.