MAT 1010: Introduction to Mathematics
Summer 2020

100% asynchronous syllabus

Getting Started and Personal Finance and Beyond Algebra May - 6-3
  • Preparing for 1010
    obtain rental book THoM
    Is asynchronous MAT 1010 a good fit?
    add Zoom profile picture
    add ASULearn profile picture
    think-pair-share your intro video link

  • Tues 5/26
    (optional) Zoom at 10am or 8pm
    lump intro
    Read ThoM pp. 545-547 & percent practice
    What is Mathematics?

  • Wed 5/27
    Read THoM p. 793-796 and research real-life rates
    Where do earnings actually come from intro
    lump sum practice
    Benjamin Franklin's financial legacy hand in PDF
    lump earnings think-pair-share

  • Thur 5/28
    my response to lump earnings think-pair-share
    Read THoM p. 797-799 & periodic payment intro
    lump and periodic practice
    Jane and Joan practice
    lottery hand in PDF
    lump & periodic think-pair-share

  • Fri 5/29
    my response to lump & periodic think-pair-share
    loan intro
    read THoM pp. 799-806 & loan practice
    home decisions hand in PDF
    reflection on finance
    loan think-pair-share

  • Mon 6/1
    my response to loan think-pair-share
    car decisions hand in PDF
    payday lending
    review themes intro
    review practice
    review problems think-pair-share

  • Tues 6/2
    my response to review problems think-pair-share
    study guide for exam 1
    glossary/wiki for finance
    (optional) try exam instructions

  • Wed 6/3
    exam 1
    Geometry of the Earth and Universe 6/3-6/12
    Mathematics: The Most Misunderstood Subject
    earth and university intro

  • Thur 6/4
    read THoM geom intro pp. 207-212 Geometric Gems & pp. xiii-xvi Welcome
    geom intro practice
    geom intro hand in
    geom intro think-pair-share

  • Fri 6/5
    read THoM 2D universes pp. 292-293 Distances in a Different World pp. 295-296 Geometry on a Saddle pp. 307-308 Making a Point, Getting in Line, Home on the Plane pp. 310 Understanding Through Analogy pp. 332-333 What is a Torus and Holy Doughnuts pp. 349-350 The Klein Bottle
    2D universes intro
    my response to geom think-pair-share
    2D universes practice
    2D universes hand in
    2D universes think-pair-share

  • Mon 6/8
    earth and universe preliminary research
    my response to 2D universes think-pair-share
    read THoM earth pp. 289-291 How Straight Lines Can Bend in Non-Euclidean Geometries pp. 294-295 Triangles on a Sphere
    earth intro
    earth practice
    Seeing is Believing/Shape of the World think-pair-share

  • Tues 6/9
    my response to Seeing is Believing think-pair-share
    read THoM the universe pp. 270-275 Discovering Symmetry and Interconnections among the Platonic solids pp. 297-298 The Shape of Our Universe pp. 309 The Fourth Dimension pp. 311 Are Safes Safe Across Dimensions? pp. 313-315 Visualizing Cubes pp. 315-317 Does the Fourth Dimension REALLY Exist?
    universe intro
    universe practice
    universe hand in
    universe think-pair-share

  • Wed 6/10
    my response to universe think-pair-share
    review themes intro
    review practice geom
    review think-pair-share geom

  • Thur 6/11
    my response to review geom think-pair-share
    study guide for exam
    glossary/wiki for earth and universe
    (optional) try exam instructions

  • Fri 6/12
    exam 2
    Consumer Statistics and Probability 6/12-6/23
    consumer statistics and probability intro
    quantifying ourselves and nature hand in
    comparing and ranking countries hand in

  • Mon 6/15
    read THoM probability pp. 570-584 Predicting the Future in an Uncertain World pp. 591-596 Random Thoughts: Are Coincidences as Truly Amazing as They First Appear? pp. 626-631 Drizzling, Defending, and Doctoring Probability in Our World and Lives
    probability intro
    probability practice
    probability hand in
    probability think-pair-share

  • Tues 6/16
    my response to probability think-pair-share
    read THoM collecting, interpreting, and summarizing data pp. 645-650 Meaning from Data pp. 655-657 Stumbling Through a Minefield of Data pp. 674-678 Getting Your Data to Shape Up pp. 53-56 and p. 61 Numerical Patterns in Nature
    data analysis intro
    data analysis practice
    data analysis think-pair-share

  • Wed 6/17
    my response to data analysis think-pair-share
    read THoM inferences pp. 659-661 Extrapolating to Nonsense pp. 712-722 Making Inferences from Data pp. 740-745 Measuring Relationships-Correlation
    inferences intro
    inferences practice
    inferences hand in
    inferences think-pair-share

  • Thur 6/18
    my response to inferences think-pair-share
    read THoM policy decisions pp. 776-788 on deciding personal and public policy
    policy practice
    case studies intro
    case studies hand in
    case studies think-pair-share

  • Fri 6/19
    my response to case studies think-pair-share
    review themes intro and statistics detective
    review practice stat & prob
    Begin working on the final project (see the activities in the next segment)

  • Mon 6/22
    study guide for exam
    glossary/wiki for consumer statistics and probability
    (optional) try exam 3 instructions

  • Tues 6/23
    exam 3
    What is Mathematics 6/23-6/26
    What is Mathematics intro
    final project research/reflection guide hand in

  • Wed 6/24
    read through the final project
    final project questions or brief update

  • Thur 6/25
    course survey
    post your final project video link

  • Fri 6/26
    final project 3 peer reviews and a self evaluation
    exam corrections