Extra Credit Opportunities

Extra Credit is something that is related to the class, but not required due to time constraints.

From the syllabus: There will be other extra credit opportunities during the semester for which points will accumulate. When final grades are given, extra credit points are taken into account in the determination of -,nothing or + attached to a letter grade.

  • Tuesday November 13th at 8pm in Farthing Auditorium - debate on American Civil Liberties. Extra credit if you attend, and give some examples of how statistics and critical thinking methods were used in the debate. (ie were stats used to back up a point? What stats were quoted? Did they twist the stats for their own use? Did they use creative inquiry skills?) DUE at the beginning of the final exam.

  • Extra credit if you do an especially nice job on your Homer 1 writeup. Notice that the writeup could have been a major writing assignment, but it is not. Satisfying the lab can be done rather quickly. If you take the time to prepare an especially good writeup that deeply and completely answers the questions, then I will give you extra credit. DUE Friday the 16th of November.

  • Research and write up a brief report on the history of perspective drawing. Due at the beginning of the final exam.

  • Find a painting in an art museum or store that is in one-point perspective, find the vanishing point and the optimal viewing distance (using the methods mentioned in the perspective lab, and write up your findings. Due at the beginning of the final exam.

  • Extra Credit grades assignment which must be turned in just BEFORE you take the final exam.