Dr. Sarah's 1010 Comprehensive Final Exam Review Sheet

ONE 8.5 by 11 sheet with writing on both sides allowed, ruler or straight edge suggested, and calculator mandatory.
Dec 11 - Tues from 9am-11am in Walker 304 (this is officially for the 9:30 class, but you may attend either exam.)
Dec 12 - Wed from 9am-11am in Walker 304 (this is officially for the 11:00 class, but you may attend either exam.)

Recall that the comprehensive final exam is worth 20% of your course grade, while 20% of your grade was determined by the combination of test 1, test 2, and your mathematician presentation. While this percentage is relatively small (many other 1010 sections have exams count for 45-60% of the course grade), your performance on the final exam is important since it demonstrates your mastery of the course material. I do take improvement over the course of the semester into consideration. I will give you extra credit if you calculate what you would need to get on the exam in order to obtain your desired grade in the class (see other side).

Questions may be the same or similar to questions you have seen before, but you should also expect some questions containing variations on the ideas. So, make sure that you fully understand each of the following, and could answer new questions on the material. Specifically, for WebCT quiz questions, be sure that you understand and could explain WHY things are true or false, as opposed to just "knowing" that they are, and for other material, be sure that you could answer similar questions with perhaps slightly new twists to them. With this in mind, you should study the following:
  • Financial Math Test
  • Statistics Test
  • Mathematician questions and WebCT quizzes 5 and 6
  • Geometry of the Earth and Universe questions and WebCT quizzes 7 and 8
  • Review lab
    As always, I am happy to help in office hours or on the WebCT bulletin board with anything.