Stocks and what is mathematics and probability lab

  • Sell your stock (using the original purchase price)

  • Birthday simulation
    1. First enter in 22 for the Number in room, and then repeatedly try to Simulate until you have conducted 100 trials. What is the probability?
    2. Check with your neighbors. Did any of you have a probability over 50% for 22 people?
    3. Click Reset and then repeat the simulation, this time for 24 people in the room. What is the probability?
    4. Check with your neighbors to see whether betting on this result would give you at least even odds.
  • Read through the following 4 readings and write down at least two items from each reading--bullet points are fine--that you found interesting, disagreed with, or had a question on. So you will have at least 8 items total:
    1. Quantitative Literacy
    2. What is Mathematics Quotations and Readings [on ASULearn]
    3. Creative Inquiry Lessons for Life
    4. Adding up Fuzzy Math: Teaching the Basics