Project 4: What is Mathematics? (a Review)

You may work alone or in a group of up to 3 people. Over the course of the semester, we have examined the themes of what mathematics is, what it has to offer, why it is useful, and the diverse ways that people succeed in it. The purpose of this project is to explore these themes and ideas in a creative way that includes connections to class, while serving as a review of the class. For example, this might be a movie, song, poem, narrative, newspaper interview, newsletter bulletin, powerpoint presentation, study guide, ..., but it must be something that you can turn in. If it can be printed out, be sure that it is typed. If it is a movie file, turn in a cd or dvd (or bring me a copy via a USB pen drive in office hours).

The project will be graded on clarity, flow, creativity and depth of the connections to class [see the grading rubric]. Be sure to include a review of what we covered related to the themes of:
  • what mathematics is, what it has to offer and how it is useful
  • the diverse ways that people succeed in and impact mathematics
  • truth and consequences-what is truth? When are we convinced? What are the consequences of certain truths? What is the role of chance and probability?
  • local to global connections

  • Incorporate as many ideas and examples of the above themes as possible from class readings, discussions and activities from each of the first three segments:
    1. geometry of the earth and universe
    2. personal finance
    3. consumer statistics
  • Incorporate important equations and pictures from each of the first three segments.
  • Review the class highlights page and calendar page, which serve as a good place to review course content and readings, and incorporate the information into your project
  • Use a consistent style that flows smoothly and has well-defined themes.
  • Discuss the ideas in your own words that look or sound professional and formal.
  • Give acknowledgement to any references where it is due.

    Some past students reported that they have found it helpful to think of this project as a review of class content as if they were studying for a comprehensive final exam [without the exam component - instead the product is the project]. There are many forms this project can take. I encourage you to be creative! Here are some portions of a variety of different projects, just to give you an idea.
    A Class Review (one segment at a time) by Jack Maddocks
    MathTimes: The Ultimate Exam Review Guide (one segment at a time) by Anna Allman and Daelyn Bentley-Gottel
    A Class Review (one theme at a time) by Erin Durham Project 4 Poems (one poem at a time that overall covers all the themes and segments) by Kat Hill and Bradley Mitchell
    Reminder: 2 of 4 Projects
    You will choose two projects (of the four options) to write up carefully by their respective due dates. You may complete more for extra participation credit, and your two highest grades will count. Research has shown that projects are extremely beneficial in learning and applying academic knowledge, so I'll ask everyone to do some related activities for homework, regardless of whether you choose to complete that project.

    The four projects are those listed on the class highlights page, and I encourage you to complete the ones you find most interesting!
    Project 1: Earth and Universe - Annotated Bibliography
    Project 2: Benjamin Franklin's Financial Legacy
    Project 3: Critical Analysis of Recent Media
    Project 4: What is Mathematics: A Class Review