Project 5: Personal Reflection

This is an individual project.

Part 1 What is Mathematics? Over the course of the semester, we have examined the theme "What is Mathematics?"

Summarize the various ideas of what mathematics is and why it is important from the following readings (be sure to refer to aspects from each of the following readings):
  1. Adding up Fuzzy Math: Teaching the Basics.
  2. Quantitative Literacy
  3. Creative Inquiry Lessons for Life
  4. What is Mathematics Quotations and Readings [on ASULearn]
as you discuss the development of your personal view of what mathematics is over the course of the semester. Be sure to give specific examples.

Part 2 Success in Mathematics We have seen that there are many diverse styles that lead to success in mathematics. So now explore your own mathematical style. Be sure to include information related to:
  • How would you describe the process of doing mathematics to someone else?
  • How do you get the flashes of insight that you need to do mathematics?
  • How does your mathematical mind work? Do you have a photographic memory? Are you really good with numbers? Are you good at visualization?
  • Do you prefer to collaborate or instead mostly work by yourself?
  • How would you describe what mathematics is and where it comes from?

    You may wish to be creative in the presentation of your personal reflection - a movie file, a narrative or poem, written as a newspaper interview, etc, but it must be something that you can turn in. If it can be printed out, be sure that it is typed. If it is a movie file, turn in a cd or dvd (or bring me a copy via a USB pen drive in office hours). Be sure to give acknowledgement to any references where it is due.