Take Home Part of the Final Exam

Part 1 Choose one mathematician from the ones we studied whom you most identify with and briefly explain why.

Part 2 We have seen that there are many diverse styles that lead to success in mathematics. Choose one mathematician (can be different from the one in Part 1) from the ones we studied whose **mathematical style*** you find most rewarding for you.
            Note that this should be the style that you find the most rewarding - not the one that is necessarily the easiest for you (While visualization is actually the most difficult for me, I chose geometry as my specialization because I really enjoy working in this area).

            Identify the mathematician and describe his or her mathematical style. Then describe why you identify with this style and give specific examples from your life of how the mathematical style applies to you and leads to your success in mathematics and/or in other areas of your life. Use information contianed in notes from class, WebCT quizzes, worksheets, http://www.mathsci.appstate.edu/~sjg/class/1010/mathematician/mathematicianreferencs.html and web searches on their mathematical styles.

Type up and print out your response - suggested length: 2 pages typed.