Ben Franklin's Will - Part 2 - Major Writing Assignment

There is a lot of information to absorb and clarify - begin early! Read the web readings before starting to write since you will need the information listed there.

This assignment focuses on combining financial mathematics with the disciplines of history, economics, political science, ethics and philosophy in an effective format that summarizes the (large amount of) information and flows well. Write a report explaining what has happened to Ben Franklin's money over the past 200 years that includes the mathematics and our lab work from part 1 along with the web reading updates. For example, your paper must explain the general lump sum formula in detail and why it applies here, and the difference between the lent rate and the earned rate, all in the context of the real-life history. It must also include the chart from lab (the chart image must be inserted into your computer document - it cannot be taped onto the paper), and an explanation of how we derived each element in the chart, including our Excel work, again all within the context of the real-life history.

Additional guidelines will be given after Thanksgiving.

The challenge of this assignment is to summarize the real-life history (see the readings) and any related mathematics that we explored in a way that flows well.

Decide whether you want to work alone or with 1 other person and come up with a paper outline. Type this into Word and turn in 1 per group that includes your names and your proposed structure (by attaching it onto the WebCT bulletin board containing you and I).

Keep track of the amount of time you spend on this assignment outside of class, as I will ask you for that number later on...