Benjamin Franklin's Financial Legacy: Middle and Later Years

You will read through each of the following 4 articles.

If you are not doing Project 2: For each article, write down (to turn in) at least one item or aspect that surprised you, that you disagreed with, or that had a question on. Informal bullet points are fine. So you will have at least 4 items total, with at least one from each article:
  • Additional Info on Problems in Boston During the First Hundred Years and the Founding of the Franklin Institute of Boston
  • Divvying up Ben: Let's Try for 200 More
  • Ben Franklin Trust To Go To State, City, Not School, SJG Says
  • What "Miracle of Compound Interest"? How Ben Franklin's best laid plans came a cropper

    If you won't be coming in to lab, then you can turn in the above homework on ASULearn or in class on Tuesday

    If you ARE doing Project 2: These articles will already be incorporated into your project, via being 4 of the 7 readings that you'll flow in to the mathematics, so turning in the Project on Tuesday suffices.