Appendix 2: Ben Franklin's Will - Part 2 - Major Writing Assignment

There is a lot of information to absorb and clarify - begin early!
Read the web readings before starting to write since you will need the information listed there.

This assignment focuses on combining financial mathematics with the disciplines of history, economics, political science, ethics and philosophy in an effective format that summarizes the (large amount of) information and flows well.
Write a report explaining what has happened to Ben Franklin's money over the past 200 years that incorporates the following guidelines listed in the "Content of the Report" and the "Organization of the Report" sections:
Organization of the Report
Content of the Report Follow the checklist guide while you write your report to Ben Franklin. This checklist contains standard criterion for scientific reports. This means (among other things) that you need labeled sections that flow well and that the math must flow well with the history. I recommend the following sections (you may have different sections if you like or put them in a different order, but your report does need to include the following) --