Benjamin Franklin Project: Self-Evaluation Checklist (Turn in One Per Project)
Satisfied Criteria and Communicated Deep Understanding

Satisfied Criteria and Communicated Some Understanding

Did Not Complete Criteria
Chose One City and Created an Interview, Newsletter Bulletin, or Special Report for a Financial Magazine

Mathematics and History Flow Well Together in a Creative Manner

Discussed the Mathematics and News Article Information in my Own Words

Used Modern Language and Looks and Sounds Professional and Formal

Used Professional Mathematical Notation
in Writing: 131000 = 1000 (1 + rate) 100
or Speech: "Raised to"

Has a Consistent Style, Flows Smoothly, and Has Well Defined Themes

Average Earned Rate of Fund versus the 5% Lent Rate

Explanation of Lump Sum Formula and Philosophy of Derivation and Why it is Appropriate to Use Here

Include Both Lump Sum Equations for Your City From Column E in #4 on the Lab

Summarize all the Information in the News Article Web Readings that Relates to Your City

Include the Portion of the Excel Chart Related to Your City Flowing within the Text or Speech (not as an Appendix)

Summarize where the Numbers Came From in Real-Life

Explanation of Equations and Excel Process and Solutions

Compared the Earnings and Distribution of the Fund with Benjamin Franklin's Wishes