Dr. Sarah's Stock Market Homework DUE at the Beginning of Lab (You will need to have completed this homework in order to be successful in lab.)

Open up a web browser and go to the main class web page and then click on the Stock Market homework link (under Monday's date).

  • Read this web reading - intro to the market
  • Read section 1.5 in the How Do You Know? book to gain some familiarity with personal investments and stock information.
  • Read Heart of Math p. 543-544 (How to Get Rich Quick as a Stock Whiz).

            Finding a Stock to "Buy" and Track Search for 5 stocks that you are interested in "buying" and tracking.

    Note that "Quotes tell" the search engine to find pages with that phrase in it, while simpson* finds pages with anything after that in it (simpson, simpsons's, simpsons...), and -1010 as one of our search words would have eliminated pages with 1010 in them. Recall that a small difference in wording can make a big difference in searching, and that sometimes creative searching is needed to find reasonable info on the web. For example, Pizza Hut actually trades under the YUM company stock symbol name.

    You must pick stocks that are actively traded day-to-day, and it must be a stock with a name containing 1, 2, 3 or 4 letters only (ie A, AB, ABC, or ABCD) with no extensions at the end. Something.blah is NOT ALLOWED, and neither are longer names nor names containing symbols other than letters. Here are a couple of places to look for stocks
    finance.yahoo.com/l to search for stocks with certain names (note that the search features are not very user friendly)    (that last letter is the letter "l" not the number 1)
    www.google.com You could search for
    "stock symbol" "COMPANY NAME"
    where COMPANY NAME is the name of the company that you are interested in.
  • What are your 5 stock symbols names - the 4 or less letters only (ie A, AB, ABC, or ABCD) - AND the names (in words) of each of the companies?

  • Choose your favorite stock, and enter the stock symbol into the top of finance.yahoo.com/, where it says Get Quotes.

    Hit Go and compare this with the web reading or How Do You Know? in order to reinforce what you've learned from the readings. Be sure that you understand what Bid and Ask mean, what Volume means, and that you understand how to read a stock chart.