“We must prepare the next generation to be logical, flexible thinkers in a world that is increasingly complex and mathematical.”

Dr. Sarah's Math 1010 Test 1


         NAME _______________________________________________


Be sure to follow directions very carefully in order to receive credit.


Put your name on your cheat sheet (one 8.5 x 11 sheet with writing on both sides is allowed along with your calculator) and turn this in when you turn in your exam.


If you need more space, then you may write on the back of any page.


Recall that there is hw that has been previously assigned that you must complete before Monday’s lab (see front board and main web page).


Work quickly and efficiently.  Some of the problems are the same or similar to problems that you have seen before - read each question carefully in order to be sure that you answer the question that was asked.  Do not spend too much time on any one problem or part of a problem except those marked WORTH MORE.  Return to questions that you are struggling with after you complete those that you can do more easily.  Partial credit will be granted so do continue on with a problem even if you know that one part is wrong. If part b) depends on part a), full credit can still be obtained for b) by showing the correct process for b). .


  Set up a formula with numbers substituted in for the variables ” means that you should set up something similar to
100 (1 + .049) 100 (using the appropriate formula and numbers) as we have been doing in class when we set up formulas.


 Show work” means that you should show what numbers you plugged in to get an answer (ie 3*2 +1=7) but there is no need to explain in words.


Does your answer in part a) make sense? Why?” means that you should write about answer a, relate it back to the problem it answered and explain why the answer(s) fits or does not fit with the problem.  Sometimes you will need to do additional work to explain (for example, calculating the total paid, …).  If you know you’ve gotten the wrong answer because it doesn’t make sense, explain why you know this.


“Explain why the formula that you chose was the only one that was appropriate to use in this case.” requires a similar explanation as on the Jane and Joan worksheet.


WORTH MORE” is similar to the labs





If you do not have a cheat sheet then circle the following:          no cheat sheet