Geometry of our Earth and Universe Part 2

The spirit of the writing designator is that you should revisit your work. For the mathematician project you have a choice about whether you do this or not, but everyone is required to do so on the geometry project. Part 2 of the geometry report will be worth 50% of this major writing assignment grade.

The assignment is different than your first assignment. Instead of focusing on finding research to answer your question, you will focus on the following (the challenge of this revision is the change in focus - and this is a good exercise for everyone):

Once you have received help from an expert (Dr. Sarah), do some new research to back up "the answer(s)" to your problem that Dr. Sarah mentioned in class. Carefully and clearly write up the answer(s) from class, and then find numerous web and/or book references and/or experiments that back up each answer to the problem. Be sure that you turn in an annotated bibliography that describes what was in each reference.

So, to reiterate, you will...

  • summarize what Dr. Sarah said when she went over your problem in class. This is a different focus than your original paper, so you'll need to reorganize it /cut things out / add things in to meet this focus.
  • find references to back up what Dr. Sarah said (references for each relevant viewpoint from class), and you will highlight these in the relevant section of your paper. If Dr. Sarah suggested or showed you an experiment using manipulatives or computer software, then you should conduct the experiment yourself and describe this in your paper.
  • also include an annotated bibliography.
  • You may bring drafts into office hours for help and feedback - I am happy to help. Be sure that your report satisfies the writing checklist

    Group Work

    Group work on major assignments will be self evaluated and these evaluations will be taken into account in the determination of the final grade. So, your job is to make sure that you do your part to make sure you are working in a group effectively. Inequalities in group work WILL be addressed.