Are The Simpsons 2-D or 3-D?

Homer Changing Dimensions from Treehouse of Horror VI 3F04 (10/30/95)

In an episode of The Simpsons Homer goes into the third dimension.

Look through the following pictures and links and use them to answer Questions 1 and 2 below: 1,   2,   3,   4,   5,   6,   7,   8,   9,   10,   11,   12,   13,   14
Text of Pacific Data Images description of the 3-D special
Text of How did Pacific Data Images do this?
Text transcript of Homer^3 segment

  • Question 1: In the supposedly 2-D world, what aspects could be used to back up Professor Frink's implication that the Simpsons are indeed living in a 2-D world?

  • Question 2: In the supposedly 2-D world, what aspects could be used to argue that the Simpsons were actually living in a 3-D world instead? (Hint -- think about their movements and behaviors, the world that is represented, and the use of perspective in the bookcase and in the cube that Prof. Frink drew in the supposedly 2-D world.)
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