Lab Directions - If you complete one part, begin working on the next part!

  1. From the main web page
    click on the class highlights page, and then click on the link for these directions. Click on the web Readings and Activities on Perspective Drawing and Projective Geometry link and follow the directions listed there. Be sure to fill in the paper copy of the worksheet as you go along.

  2. Go back to web version of these directions and click on the link for problem 0 of the geometry of our earth and universe.

  3. Take out your stock market packet, and complete stock update number 2. Show this to Dr. Sarah when you are done.

  4. Read the web readings due for tomorrow, accessible from the main web page.

  5. Begin working on Are The Simpsons 2-D or 3-D?, which is due by 5pm on Friday. We will watch the segment together as a class, but you should go through the links on your own.