In todays lab we will review material as well as extend and introduce additional themes related to what mathematics is.

Reviewing Hyperbolic Geometry

1. As you read the following two readings, write down what you thought about them. Be sure to include any aspects that surprised you, that resonated with you, and that you disagreed with.
a. Hyperbolic Space
b. History of the Crochet Coral Reef Project

Reflecting on Equations

Equations are prevalent both in and outside of mathematics.
2. How would you define an equation?
3. Think of an equation you believe to be important (it does not have to be from our class). What does it express about the world or mathematics?
4. Write down the equations we've seen so far in the course.


Our second segment will be personal finance. In order to begin thinking about those themes, and placing them into the broader discussion about mathematics and what kind of world we should be working towards...
5. Research the web to find out how old the idea of charging interest is and write down what you find.
6. Research the web to find at least one reason it makes sense to charge interest (for land, animals, money) and write down what you find.
7. Research the web to find at least one reason it doesn't make sense to charge interest and write down what you find.

Share what you found with your neighbors.

Talk to a neighbor you sit near in the usual classroom and figure out who will bring the child's ball (bring this tomorrow).

If you turn in the hw from Thursday, then I have responded to you on the ASULearn Forums. Ask me any questions you have about the grading and criteria for project 1 (which is in the section immediately following the questions). I'm always happy to help!