Lab Directions (Due Thur at 2pm) - If you complete one part, continue to the next part!

  1. Using the Computer Information Sheet open up Internet Explorer and go to Dr. Sarah's web page by adding in a "~sjg" at the end of the "Home" address so that you see
    Click on Math 1010 and then on the link for these directions (under Thursday's due date). Click on the web Readings and Activities on Perspective Drawing and Projective Geometry and follow along with Dr. Sarah Be sure to fill in the paper copy of the worksheet as you go along.

  2. Work through the attached Computer Information Sheet but stop at the part about shutting down the computer and continue below.

  3. Dr. Sarah's Survey Assignment Work on the answers to the following questions in a word processor and save the file often as yourfirstnamelab1.doc (ie something like drsarahlab1.doc) from Word. Note: grammar and spelling are important.
    1. You are probably taking this course as part of a general education requirement. What skills central to your intellectual development do you think society expects you to take away from a college level mathematics course such as Math 1010?

    2. What do you think mathematics is (ie use your own ideas to define mathematics)?

    3. Name a mathematical experience you had that was rewarding for you.

    4. Think back to the first mathematical experience you had that was destructive to your mathematical self-confidence. (We have all had such experiences - even Dr. Sarah!) Describe this experience.

    5. In the last question, you explored a negative mathematical experience. If you could rewrite your role in that experience in order to prevent it from being destructive to your mathematical self-confidence what would you change about your behavior and reactions?
    When you are finished follow directions on the computer information sheet to enter WebCT and compose a WebCT message to Dr. Sarah with your file attached to the forum containing you and her. Note that Dr. Sarah can read Microsoft Word attachments Save the file as yourfirstnamelab1.doc (ie something like drsarahlab1.doc) from Word), but if you are working in a different word processor such as WordPerfect or Works, then you must first save the file in a different format. For these word processors, use Save as... and choose rich text format and then save the file as yourfirstnamelab1.rtf (ie something like drsarahlab1.rtf) before attaching.

  4. Begin working on Are The Simpsons 2-D or 3-D? by going through the given links. We will watch the segment together as a class, but you should go through the links on your own. You will answer questions 1 and 2 for homework.

Homework for Tuesday and Thursday
  1. Get a scientific calculator (with a yx, xy, or ^ key on it), a 3-ring binder notebook, and a hole puncher.
  2. Get the How Do You Know? book from the Mat 1010 section of the bookstore (open 8am-6pm this week).
  3. Get the Heart of Math book by showing your syllabus upstairs in the IDS section of the bookstore.
  4. Work on lab 1 due Thursday.
  5. Bring your calculator, 3-ring binder notebook, hole puncher and all handouts I give you to classes and labs until otherwise notified.

  • **Lab 1** due at the start of class (no lates allowed)

At the beginning of class on Thursday, you will turn in the completed perspective drawing worksheet sheet and your response to Are The Simpsons 2-D or 3-D?. In addition, your survey is due as a Microsoft Word attachment posting on WebCT. I'm happy to help or answer questions in office hours.