Lab Directions (Due Thur at 2pm) - If you complete one part, continue to the next part!

  1. Open up Internet Explorer and go to Dr. Sarah's web page at
    Click on Math 1010 and then on the link for these directions (under Thursday's due date).
    Click on the web Readings and Activities on Perspective Drawing and Projective Geometry and follow along with Dr. Sarah. Be sure to fill in the paper copy of the worksheet as you go along.

  2. Work on the Introduction to Hyperbolic Geometry

  3. Open up a Word document (click on the icon with a blue W), type in a test message for Dr. Sarah, and then save your file as yourname.doc (make sure there are NO spaces in the name). Then work through the Computer Information Sheet but stop at the part about shutting down the computer. Be sure that you send Dr. Sarah your file on the WebCT bullein board.

  4. At the end of lab, Dr. Sarah will bring everyone back together for some additional hyperbolic geometry activities. In the meantime, work on Are The Simpsons 2-D or 3-D? by going through the given links.

  5. Use the Computer Information Sheet to shut down the computer.