Mathematical Experiences (Due Thur at 2pm) -

  1. Work on the answers to the following questions in a word processor and save the file often. When you are finished, print this to turn it in. Note: grammar and spelling are important.

    1. You are probably taking this course as part of a general education requirement. All students must satisfy a math requirement, although they might choose from a number of very different courses to do so. With this in mind, what skills central to your intellectual development do you think society expects you to take away from a college level mathematics course?

    2. What do you think mathematics is (ie use your own ideas to define mathematics)?

    3. Name a mathematical experience you had that was rewarding for you.

    4. Think back to the first mathematical experience you had that was destructive to your mathematical self-confidence. (We have all had such experiences - even Dr. Sarah!) Describe this experience.

    5. In the last question, you explored a negative mathematical experience. If you could rewrite your role in that experience in order to prevent it from being destructive to your mathematical self-confidence what would you change about your behavior and reactions?