Dr. Sarah's Sheet on WebCT quizzes

First use the Computer Information Sheet to enter WebCT, as usual.
WebCT Quizzes
  • From the main WebCT page, click on Quizzes.

    WebCT quizzes are designed to help you learn the material and focus for exams, but the quiz grade is not a part of your course grade (note though that an A on at least one retake of each WebCT quiz can help you receive a bonus credit of +1 on your final average - see the syllabus for additional criteria for the bonus credit).

    Taking a Quiz
  • A quiz that is a link is available to take.
  • Click on the quiz. Click Begin quiz.
  • Save each question's answer. Notice that the orange dots will turn into blue checks (on the right side of WebCT) as you save each question. Be careful to follow the input directions for each question since WebCT will mark your answer as incorrect if it is not in the correct format. Note that for multiple choice questions, boxes mean that more than one choice may be chosen.
  • When you are finished, click Finish.
  • Then click ok and ok again to Submit Quiz for Grading.
  • Then click on View Results.

    Quiz Retakes Under quizzes, you can view your previous tries (and how they were graded) by clicking on them. If you decide to take retakes, use them as a way to reinforce learning and prepare for tests. As you answer each question, ask yourself whether you could explain WHY answers are true or false and show the work necessary to obtain the correct answers on a test.

    Other WebCT Features You've already posted messages to the bulletin board. Recall that this is a great place to contact Dr. Sarah outside of class and office hours, but that office hours are preferred as it is easier to talk face to face.
  • Click on grades and tracking info. Click on grades. Take a look at how many credit hours of absences you have so far. Be sure to pay attention to the departmental attendance policy.