Dr. Sarah's Lab 1 Directions
You are responsible for learning everything on this page so practice on your own at home or in a computer lab.

To get back to this page To get back to this page from one of the links, hit the Netscape "Back" key. Proceed thru this page via the links in order
Macintosh Lab Basics
Go through this
Page on Macintosh basics, and then hit the back key on Netscape to return to this page.

Logon to WebCT for the first time in this course
WebCt activities
Microsoft Word Wile Picture Under the apple menu on the top of the screen, using the mouse, scroll down to the 1010 folder and (without releasing the mouse), scroll over to the right and then scroll down to Microsoft Word. Release the mouse button on Microsoft Word. After Microsoft Word opens, you will see a blank document. If you don't see this, or (for future reference) if you need a new document, then under File, relase the mouse button on New.

Pasting Images into Word From the main class web page, click on the Wile E. Coyote link. Click on Wile, hold down the mouse, and release on Copy Image. Back in Word, under Edit, release on Paste Special, and then make sure that Picture is checked. Hit OK. You will see Wile E. appear.

Saving a Word Document Under File, release the mouse button on Save As... Make sure you save your file in the public folder/ save files here folder. Save your document as yournamewile.doc (example drsarahwile.doc) in the public folder/save files here directory.

Work on the Wile E. Assignment in Microsoft Word until Dr. Sarah explains the math necessary for the Ben Franklin lab. If you are waiting for this to happen, then use campus pipeline to send the Wile E. document to yourself as an attachment (see below).

Ben Franklin Lab

Before you work on this lab, I need to explain some mathematics to you. Work on Ben Franklin lab
Pipeline and e-mailing your Microsoft Word document as an attachment From another window, from the main web page, click on the campus pipeline link.
Login using your e-mail address (example sg23014) as your Login Name, and your social security number as your Password and then click on ok. If you have changed your campus pipeline password, then type that in instead of your social security number. I can give you your e-mail address if you don't have it. If you've entered your e-mail address and your social security number and you can't get in, you'll need to contact 6266 after class for help. In the meantime, look on with someone else, and ask me to come over and e-mail you your file from my account before the end of class.
Click on e-mail. Click on Compose Msg. In the To: field, type in your e-mail address (example sg23014). If you use the vax system appstate.edu instead of campus pipeline, you will need to add @cp.appstate.edu to your e-mail.
In the Subject field, type in "ben". Click on Attach. Click on Browse. Find your file, which should be in the public folder/save files here folder. Click on your saved file yourfirstnamebenf.doc Make sure that the .doc is at the end of the filename, and click on open. Click on Add. Wait till you see it as an added file, and then click on ok. Click on Send. Click on ok. Click on Get Mail. You will know if you are successful if you see a red paperclip next to the message.
Do the same thing for your Wile document if you had a chance to work on it.
Downloading your file Often, you will finish writing projects outside of lab. In order to do that, you need to Click on the message that has the attachment in it. Click on the file that you attached next to the attached file name next to the red paperclip. This will bring up word and open up your file. If word is not automatically brought up, then you can save the file (or the file might be automatically saved for you). Then you can open it up from Word from File/Open.
Exit Campus Pipeline, and then Logout of Campus Pipeline

Make sure you shut down the computer when you are done. To shut down the computer, from the desktop, click on special, and then release on shut down.

Homework - I am happy to help you in office hours or by answering questions on the WebCT bulletin board.
  • See the class highlights page for nightly homework.
  • See the WebCT calendar for long term assignments and quiz retake due dates.
  • See the main web page for the link to my office hours.